Breaking Down Beauty Barriers

Diversity in beauty has become an increasingly hot topic for conversation, but one that has not been explored enough. For decades, the media has flaunted the false perception that beauty comes in every shade of pale. Leaving a large proportion of the population- women of colour, feeling alienated by the lack of representation.    Having previouslyContinue reading “Breaking Down Beauty Barriers”

Confessions of the unrepresented ‘nude’ colours

To whoever needs to hear this, nude isn’t just one colour! We all know that nude is not just one colour, well at least I hope everyone does. Previously, the colour nude was only referred to the skin colour of Caucasians and let’s be honest; even they come in different shades. The colour ‘nude’ wasContinue reading “Confessions of the unrepresented ‘nude’ colours”

‘OG’ hair product your mum til this day swears by!

I can already smell the Pink lotion while writing this article. Pretty sure everyone remembers those days where you used to sit between your mum’s legs while she was yanking your hair trying to get those knots out so she can braid it properly. To make sure you didn’t lose all your hair, chunks ofContinue reading “‘OG’ hair product your mum til this day swears by!”