What’s new in IKEA?

Hanging plants and floating lighting draping over a bamboo style bed, decorated with plump green cushions and pillows greet me from the entrance of Ikea. Ikea is one of my favourite stores, it has affordable, good quality and easy to assemble furniture and furnishings. I don’t think I can go into the store without leavingContinue reading “What’s new in IKEA?”

Championing Black UK Homes

During my time scrolling on Instagram I often come across a lot home accounts, the ones that I come across tend to be the ones which are white owned, with a huge following and a lot of sponsored items. I think that it is about time some light was shed on Black UK Homes thatContinue reading “Championing Black UK Homes”

A guide to body shaped homeware

I first discovered body shaped homeware and furniture when I came across Anissa Kermiche’s ‘Love Handles’ case on Patricia Bright’s office tour video on YouTube.  Anissa Kermiche is a successful jewellery maker who broadened her interest and started designing homeware objects. This led to the successful and notorious ‘Love Handles’ vase. The vase is aContinue reading “A guide to body shaped homeware”