Recap of ‘Amp Up Your Voice’ Launch

It’s going to be a short blog this month as I’m currently travelling across Mexico on a much needed break to recharge and rest. Think raccoons in our camp, a 3 hour boat trip to swim in a magical fresh water pool made by a meteorite, driving cross country and snorkelling in turquoise waters. AndContinue reading “Recap of ‘Amp Up Your Voice’ Launch”

My highlights of 2021

I distinctly remember sitting at my desk to write 2020’s ‘last article of the year’ with all the optimism of naivety and full of the ‘bring on 2021’ spirit. I cannot believe a year later here we are, still full throttle amid a pandemic. One that is threatening to carry on for a long time,Continue reading “My highlights of 2021”

An interview with Cabbi Charles

“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it,” Tony Morrison So many amazing Black women are currently smashing the concrete ceiling right now and navigating historically hard to reach sectors. Area’s that are notoriously white and elite & who have not held spaceContinue reading “An interview with Cabbi Charles”


Back in June this year, I wrote about the damming disparity in media & public attention when it comes to Black people being murdered comparatively to their white counterparts.  Take the haunting murder of Dea-John Reid, aged 14, in a crime that is tantamount to Stephen Lawrence’s horrific murder in 1993. Five white men &Continue reading “MURDER AND WHY BLACK WOMEN ARE STILL FIGHTING WITH THEIR CHEST.”

An interview with Amplifying Her Voice

At a time when Women’s rights across the globe are seemingly going backwards, and I’m directly talking TEXAS and its Senate Bill on the prohibition of abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, it feels like the epitome of a war on Women right now. When men are making choices on behalf of Women & theirContinue reading “An interview with Amplifying Her Voice”

Black athletes matter

Black people have always been prolific when it comes to sport. It is the one area where we are celebrated, encouraged, and somewhat supported, and when we ‘bring it home’ we are globally acclaimed and claimed with the heritage of the country we are winning for. But never have I been prouder of Black peopleContinue reading “Black athletes matter”

Top 3 Female Verzuz Battles

Welcome to the entertainment section. In this particular edition I will be talking about my top three female Verzuz battles they have had so far and who would be great to have in the future. 1: Brandy vs Monica Hands down we all know that this was the iconic battle that everyone had waited forContinue reading “Top 3 Female Verzuz Battles”

In Cold Blood

This article is dedicated to Dea-John Reid, aged 14. On 31 May 2021, Dea-John Reid died, not in an incomprehensible act of nature but a brutal act of racism and aggression. Fanatically murdered, dying from a stab wound to his chest, where he lived in Kingstanding, Birmingham. In a crime that is hauntingly tantamount toContinue reading “In Cold Blood”

Black women and a noise we don’t want to quiet

Its 2021 and it feels a new dawn in so many ways, life has been reset during the pandemic for almost all of us, and amid all the change, I’m hearing a unique noise which is amplifying every single minute. And unlike most noise, it’s a sound that I don’t want to quiet. I’ve neverContinue reading “Black women and a noise we don’t want to quiet”

2021 – The Call to Action

Millennial Femme has been on a hiatus for a rebrand and launch which looks and feels amazing & which I hope you enjoy! It also means I haven’t written an article for a while. But you know what, it’s been good to have a reprieve, as things have been tough working in the Equality &Continue reading “2021 – The Call to Action”