Three ways to improve body positivity

When you look at your naked self in the mirror- are you in awe of what stares back at you or are you embarrassed at your reflection? If you love the image staring back it may mean you have a good connection with your body, however, when feeling ashamed or mortified, it may result fromContinue reading “Three ways to improve body positivity”


I have a question for you!  You wake up from a good night’s sleep, what’s the first thing you do? Do you a) Pick up your phone b) Take 5 mins to think or c) Stretch your arms above your head, point your toes and lengthen your back. What’s your answer and what do youContinue reading “WAKE UP ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BED”

Stay Safe and Well: Christmas Edition

It’s time to celebrate. Lockdown is over and Christmas and New Years are around the corner. Even though, we’ve got a lot to be thankful for, because 2020 has been a roller-coaster of events, we still need to be safe and protect ourselves from Covid-19. With the new ‘Covid Christmas’ guidelines, you can form aContinue reading “Stay Safe and Well: Christmas Edition”

Celebrating the Qweens

As Black History Month draws to a close, let’s take time out to celebrate the innovations and achievements that black women have made in the health sector. As the rest of the world begins to recognise the imbalances of black representation in all professions, and the discrimination faced against the darker race, we hope forContinue reading “Celebrating the Qweens”

Simple steps to phenomenal health!

Now, we’ve all heard the infamous quote ‘You need to love yourself, before you love somebody else’ because that determines your level of self-worth, self-knowledge and tolerance with dealing with someone else bullsh*t. Well, it’s the same for your health, learning how to sustain ‘good’ health, can dictate how your body will thank you. Achieving ‘good’Continue reading “Simple steps to phenomenal health!”

Why black health matters

2020 has really shown its ass. We have seen the worst of the worst this year: an accelerated amount of police brutality displayed throughout social media, the birth of public terrorists called “Karens” and the notion of BME being more susceptible to die from COVID-19. All jeopardising the health and wellbeing of the black community.Continue reading “Why black health matters”

What’s wrong with Sitting?

Did you know sitting for 10 hours or more daily can lead to an early death? When I read this fact, I was left stuttering, wide eyed and unable to compute this information as I’ve been sitting for approximating 10 hours without realising. Now, on an average day (pre-lockdown), most people share the routine ofContinue reading “What’s wrong with Sitting?”

The fight against defeat

To fight against defeat has to be our mantra when dealing with everyday life!  However, to be aware and knowledgeable on what you’re putting in your body, will ultimately defeat the nasties in the world. As the weather drops down to 12 degrees or less as winter approaches and the threats of a second waveContinue reading “The fight against defeat”

How well do you know her?

To kick off Gynaecological Cancer Awareness month, we need to address the topic at hand, how well do you know Her? Now, you may be asking yourself ‘who is that?’, ‘Her, as in me?’ Or ‘is it the voice within?’  Without acknowledging there are two important internal voices to listen to: the heart and the womb.Continue reading “How well do you know her?”