Things that go BUMP in the night!

“Double, double, toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble… “ 🔥 🔥 🔥 Halloween is just around the corner and I don’t know about you but I am a fan of All Hallows Eve. As my birthday is only a few days before, my celebrations have often coincided with Halloween weekend as I doContinue reading “Things that go BUMP in the night!”

Are you scared yet? Halloween Special

Welcome to the entertainment world. For this edition I will be talking about my favourite time of year next to my birthday… Halloween. These are thing movies, music and shows that can get you in the mood for Halloween. So I hope you enjoy the read. Movies The Haunted Mansion On the list for theContinue reading “Are you scared yet? Halloween Special”


Back in June this year, I wrote about the damming disparity in media & public attention when it comes to Black people being murdered comparatively to their white counterparts.  Take the haunting murder of Dea-John Reid, aged 14, in a crime that is tantamount to Stephen Lawrence’s horrific murder in 1993. Five white men &Continue reading “MURDER AND WHY BLACK WOMEN ARE STILL FIGHTING WITH THEIR CHEST.”

The power of saying NO

Of lately, I’ve spread myself a little bit too thin; with various projects, jobs and outings taking place, I haven’t had time to reflect and invest time in me.  Due to my fear of missing out, I always say yes! But I really want to scream NO!, from every fibre in my heart, head, and soul. Continue reading “The power of saying NO”

10 Kinky and curly hair tips that you need to know!

This is a post for those that are rocking their natural hair. Personally, I’ve been wearing my hair in its natural state for over seven years, but being natural didn’t come easy for me. Before I decided to show off my beautiful curls, you would find me obliterating my strands with hot heating tools becauseContinue reading “10 Kinky and curly hair tips that you need to know!”

My most played tracks this month

Welcome to the entertainment section. In this particular edition I will be talking about reality music both current and past. Chloe – Have Mercy First on the list we have ‘Chloe- Have mercy’. If you haven’t heard this song via tik tok as it is has been trending on that app for a few months,Continue reading “My most played tracks this month”

An interview with Amplifying Her Voice

At a time when Women’s rights across the globe are seemingly going backwards, and I’m directly talking TEXAS and its Senate Bill on the prohibition of abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, it feels like the epitome of a war on Women right now. When men are making choices on behalf of Women & theirContinue reading “An interview with Amplifying Her Voice”

Manifestation, you tried it.

As we enter the last three months of the year, you may need a few manifestation tips to help you succeed and meet your goals, either this year or the first months of 2022. So, what is manifestation? Manifestation is a process of envisioning an idea, dream or goal and taking steps to make theContinue reading “Manifestation, you tried it.”

Where are we riding and why do I have to die?

A friend of mine asked me this very question when I brought up the topic and apart from making me laugh it did also make me think…should we aspire to find ride or die relationships? I’m pretty sure that the first time I heard the term, Timbaland was rasping that he needs a ‘Ryde orContinue reading “Where are we riding and why do I have to die?”

Cosy home ideas

Winter time is coming! It is the time of year which many people find difficult due to the shortened days, light and freezing cold weather. YouGov has estimated that 29% of adults will be affected by seasonal affective disorder which is similar to depression except it is induced due to the weather. With these lastContinue reading “Cosy home ideas”