Dating during lockdown: How to get creative

As any single person will tell you dating can be a minefield at the best of times, let alone during a global pandemic, as the current rules we’re supposed to live by aren’t necessarily conducive to helping us to meet and attract potential love interests. First of all let’s discuss wearing masks in public. HowContinue reading “Dating during lockdown: How to get creative”

My first date fiascos

First dates can be incredibly troublesome and anxiety inducing. Thankfully through the implementation of a strong vetting process, the majority of my first dates have been pleasant. Unfortunately, my success rate isn’t 100% and there have been a few occurrences where I honestly wished I faked a phone call, went home and went Real Housewives.Continue reading “My first date fiascos”

DEAR JOHANNE: I no longer love my boyfriend

Dear Johanne, I’ve been in a 10 years relationship with my boyfriend but I no longer love him. I care about him and I don’t want to break up, but the spark is gone, i even think about other men when having sex. What should I do? You’ve made quite a bold statement there whichContinue reading “DEAR JOHANNE: I no longer love my boyfriend”


I’ve always been fascinated by the notion of star signs, and I’m not the only one if Tyrese’s ‘Signs of Love Makin’ is anything to go by. Now let me be clear, I don’t really go for the whole Mystic Meg, rubbing her crystal ball and telling me what misfortune awaits me. (Although if youContinue reading “SUN SIGNS IN LOVE”

Dear Johanne: I think my boyfriend is a narcissist

Dear Johanne  I am in a relationship and whenever we have a disagreement, my boyfriend immediately hangs up & ignores me for a while without addressing the issue. I’ve had enough because its not fair for him to only speak on things when he is ready or for him to always expect me to reach out first. I was googlingContinue reading “Dear Johanne: I think my boyfriend is a narcissist”

Don’t lose yourself whilst searching for the one

Going from dates to dates and still no luck? I remember talking to friends about not meeting someone or each time they turn out to be waste men or to politely put it F Boys! I’ve been on a few first dates and lot of stories to share which needs its own blog in itself.Continue reading “Don’t lose yourself whilst searching for the one”

Dear Johanne: Boyfriend started seeing someone during our 3-month break

Dear Johanne, I’ be grateful if this could be kept anonymous. I’ve been with my man for 2 years and when we went on a 3-month break, he started seeing someone else. We got back together at the start of the year and I’ve just found out that he kept seeing that girl behind myContinue reading “Dear Johanne: Boyfriend started seeing someone during our 3-month break”

Does your attachment style affect your approach to dating?

When I finished my degree I didn’t think that, some of the psychological theories I learned at the time would have me questioning myself all these years later, but recently one of the most famous developmental theories has been playing on my mind. Attachment Theory explained by psychologists John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth proposes thatContinue reading “Does your attachment style affect your approach to dating?”

Cuffin’ season – COVID-19 Edition

Cuffing Season – the period between autumn and winter, where the weather gets colder and the single people normally content with casual relationships, look for a short-term relationship or partner to hibernate through the winter with. Winter is coming and with it, the inevitable fluctuation of hormones that triggers our intrinsic desire for affection andContinue reading “Cuffin’ season – COVID-19 Edition”