10 Kinky and curly hair tips that you need to know!

This is a post for those that are rocking their natural hair. Personally, I’ve been wearing my hair in its natural state for over seven years, but being natural didn’t come easy for me. Before I decided to show off my beautiful curls, you would find me obliterating my strands with hot heating tools becauseContinue reading “10 Kinky and curly hair tips that you need to know!”

My most played tracks this month

Welcome to the entertainment section. In this particular edition I will be talking about reality music both current and past. Chloe – Have Mercy First on the list we have ‘Chloe- Have mercy’. If you haven’t heard this song via tik tok as it is has been trending on that app for a few months,Continue reading “My most played tracks this month”

An interview with Amplifying Her Voice

At a time when Women’s rights across the globe are seemingly going backwards, and I’m directly talking TEXAS and its Senate Bill on the prohibition of abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, it feels like the epitome of a war on Women right now. When men are making choices on behalf of Women & theirContinue reading “An interview with Amplifying Her Voice”

Manifestation, you tried it.

As we enter the last three months of the year, you may need a few manifestation tips to help you succeed and meet your goals, either this year or the first months of 2022. So, what is manifestation? Manifestation is a process of envisioning an idea, dream or goal and taking steps to make theContinue reading “Manifestation, you tried it.”

Cosy home ideas

Winter time is coming! It is the time of year which many people find difficult due to the shortened days, light and freezing cold weather. YouGov has estimated that 29% of adults will be affected by seasonal affective disorder which is similar to depression except it is induced due to the weather. With these lastContinue reading “Cosy home ideas”

Best of Reality TV

Welcome to the entertainment section. In this particular edition I will be talking about reality TV series both current and past. The Real Housewives of Potomac First on the reality series is ‘The real housewives of Potomac’. This franchise is currently in its sixth season and is definitely amplifying the dram; from alleged cheating rumoursContinue reading “Best of Reality TV”

Black athletes matter

Black people have always been prolific when it comes to sport. It is the one area where we are celebrated, encouraged, and somewhat supported, and when we ‘bring it home’ we are globally acclaimed and claimed with the heritage of the country we are winning for. But never have I been prouder of Black peopleContinue reading “Black athletes matter”

Top 3 Female Verzuz Battles

Welcome to the entertainment section. In this particular edition I will be talking about my top three female Verzuz battles they have had so far and who would be great to have in the future. 1: Brandy vs Monica Hands down we all know that this was the iconic battle that everyone had waited forContinue reading “Top 3 Female Verzuz Battles”

What is mental health?

Let’s put it simply as the absence of wellness. The World Health Organization describes mental health as “a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or herContinue reading “What is mental health?”

Youtubers that have helped to diversify the makeup industry.

Looking for the perfect smokey eye tutorial? Youtube is the place to go! This well-loved video sharing platform is known for its massive and ever-growing beauty community that in recent years has dominated the beauty industry. This social media platform has really switched up how people interact with the beauty products that are being soldContinue reading “Youtubers that have helped to diversify the makeup industry.”