All about The Millennial Femme

The Millennial Femme is a social forum dedicated to the empowering of black women, created by Krissy Isabelle in April 2020. Krissy is passionate about everything relating to black women and women in general. She wanted a community where she could connect with other like minded women through various topics such as personal development and women’s lifestyle.


What sets The Millennial Femme apart from the other personal development and lifestyle sites is that we are creating a space where we help black millennial women improve their lives. We aim for black women to can come together and create a virtual sisterhood via The Millennial Femme. We aim to empower, inform and celebrate black women through providing personal development and women’s lifestyle gems so that we can all elevate as one.


We have an engaged community online via Instagram, where millennial women come together and connect with each other. We speak on personal development and women’s lifestyle. Towards the end of 2020, we plan to come together through online workshops & events.

What People Say About The Millennial Femme

I feel a strong sense of community with The Millennial Femme. It’s a safe space where we can be unapologetically ourselves.


Millennial Femme has allowed me to connect with other Black millennial women and grow within the network. I am happy to be around like minded people. Thank you Krissy!


A refreshing community which came about at the perfect time, where support was needed from like minded women during the pandemic.


Let’s build something together.

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