All about Krissy

Hi i’m Krissy Isabelle and I am the founder of The Millennial Femme. After rediscovering my love for writing, I started a blogging platform in 2020, which followed my journey with personal development that I had started the previous year.  With success and incurring over 2000 views within a month of starting my blog, I decided that it was time I changed my focal point and invest in a social forum based on black women empowerment. I am all about seeing the growth of black women and building a community where like minded women can connect.

The Founder: Personal

So let’s get to know a little more about me. Firstly, I am a mother, a mixologist in my spare time with my own cocktail business called Liq’ & Mix. Growing up in London city, I have always been able to chase my dreams from a young age. I like to call myself a master procrastinator who gets the job done and a dreamer who is very ambitious. Click here to read 10 random facts about me , to get to know me further.

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