Personal Green Flags

There was no conversation about the green one when the resurgence of calling out
personal/dating red flags. Green flags are reminders of your personal growth and all the
positive things you have done. In this rollercoaster we call life, it is essential to identify and
acknowledge all red flags BUT celebrate, mention and wave all your green flags.

Being conscious of the great choices allows you to create healthy habits out of that
favourable decision and introduces a constructive mindset. So, give yourself some credit
next time your green flag flies, and make it an internal stamp of approval that you’re making
steady improvements for a better life and greater you.

Here’s a list of green flags that proves you are showing growth.

When you know you have great people around you, you can depend on and fully support
you. Sometimes you may need to downsize your number of friends as you realise not
everyone is your no1 fan.

Adopted a mind-frame that allows you to understand who you are and, in turn, gives you
peace. You have set boundaries and take nothing that is below your worth.

Turning your passion into a career.

In a great finance place, understanding your ‘wants’ are not necessary, and to start saving
for your ‘needs.’

No more wasting time, as you no longer put your time and energy into things that hold no
value. Time is one precious thing!

Love omits the highest frequency, so when you find love with someone that sees you for
you, that helps you grow and what to see you shine. You are winning.


Being in complete control of your happiness and understanding that happiness is a mental
state. If you feel unhappy, do/hear things that you love.

Your green flags need to be celebrated, so how many green flags do you see?

One thought on “Personal Green Flags

  1. I love this post! The idea of celebrating your wins is not a popular one, yet. Identifying the negative is only half the battle, as you said. Follow up with gratitude and you’ll always win!

    Thank you so much for this post! 💗


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