Get Sprung this Spring

Spring is upon us and I don’t know about you but whenever this season arrives I always feel different, cheerier, like all of life’s possibilities are right in front of me just waiting for me to seize them.

With Valentines day just behind us you may be channelling Rih Rih and have ‘love on the brain’. Dating sites have found that there’s an increase in first messages being sent during the spring. The warmer weather brings more exposed skin to catch those sensual rays. Plus we’re definitely out and about more, meaning there’s higher potential for us to bump into our new boo’s.

Spring is also the breeding period for lots of animals so it makes sense that perhaps Mother Nature is trying to tell us something and with the onset of spring fever, it’s the perfect time for you to hunt for love (as well as for Easter eggs).

Ways to meet someone this Spring

I think by now we know the most common and easiest way to meet a bunch of people quickly, is by using online dating apps. However there are many reasons why the modern method for dating can feel impersonal and frustrating. So I’ve pulled together a list of ways to meet people off the apps.

Generally, we tend to get on with people who share common interests with us, so one of the best ways to try to meet someone who’s compatible with you, is by doing more of what you enjoy. Use your favourite search engine to find free things to do. Sites like or eventbrite are filled with a bevy of common interest groups and events. Or drag your friends along to watch your favourite sports team or to see that comedian you love, and keep your eyes peeled during half time/in between sets.

Keeping with the theme of meeting people through interests, it may be time to explore a hobby or develop new skills. So why not sign up for a language class? (I’ve always found español to be the sexiest language.) Or try your hand at painting (forgive the pun) or improve your creative writing skills.

A few years ago myself and a couple of friends attended Flirtology. Jean Smith, a social and cultural anthropologist, took a group of us around various spots in Central London and coached us through striking up conversations with strangers. It was great because it proved to me it’s actually quite simple to make conversation as you go about your daily routines. Whether it be at the supermarket, in a coffee shop or at the gym. Once you get the nerves out the way that is. If you’re really confident, you could just skip the small talk and pay them a compliment.

Pets are beneficial for so many reasons, either as a constant companion or providing fluffy cuddles to cheer you up when you’re feeling down. But did you know that your dog could also be your best wing(wo)man? A study found that almost half of those surveyed tended to view people who liked animals as more attractive. As well as suggesting that walking a dog helped them to meet and connect with people. (We’ve all seen that scene in 101 Dalmatians right?)

Let your friends/family members/coworkers set you up on a blind date. The great thing about getting set up by someone you know is that they know what you like but there’s also the added benefit of them vetting the person. Which should hopefully help you avoid having to navigate the parade of red flags, that sometimes comes with meeting strangers on the innanet.

If your friends are anything like mine and by that I mean useless (love you all really!) then unfortunately they may not know any eligible suitors. If that’s the case you’re perfectly within your right to drag them out and invoke wing(wo)man duties. As well as helping you to spot hotties in the crowd, your wingperson can also distract their wingperson, giving you time to get to know your new crush better!

Now this may seem radical but when you pop out (only for a short period of time, I’m not cruel) why not leave your phone at home? We’re more likely to keep our eyes up and interact with the world and other people around us when we’re not distracted by our phones. So go for a walk and smile at people as you never know what it may lead to.

Do some volunteering, if you’ve found that ‘giving back’ has recently been on your mind so much more, then you’re not the only one. And there are numerous charities and not for profit organisations that would welcome the help. Volunteering is an excellent way to meet others and to develop skills, as well as having a social impact in your community. Don’t know where to start? You can contact your local Volunteer Centre or search the Do IT volunteer database.

Have you heard of the Thursday app? OK I know I said I’d focus on ways to meet people off the apps but this one is slightly different. You’re only able to match and chat on Thursday’s and the conversation is deleted at 11.59pm which is supposed to encourage you to swap numbers and arrange to meet IRL quickly. In addition to this, they organise meet ups that take place on a Thursday (obviously), so you can go to a bar safe in the knowledge that you’ll be surrounded by other singles. Of course you could drag your wing(wo)man along to this too. However if you’re one of those intimidatingly brave people you may prefer to go it alone!

Finally, an option I don’t often use myself ,although it’s become increasingly popular in this modern age. Just slide in them DMs!

* * *

And once you actually meet bae you may want to try some fun date ideas that are simply sublime in the spring time.

Pick a heritage site and go for a long walk or hike, or if there aren’t any heritage sites near you find a large park instead. If it has a lake rent a paddle boat. Or you could visit your closest botanical garden.

Walking not your favourite past-time? Swap your feet for some wheels and go for a bike ride, make it even more romantic (or frustrating depending on who you’re dating) and rent a tandem bike. Or you could grab your skates and roll your way into their arms.

While you’re at the park, release your inner child and fly kites, you could also introduce some friendly competition and give kite-fighting a go – the loser has to do whatever the winner says on the next date.

Or you could play an outdoor game or sport like tennis, netball or basketball. If you’re quite creative why not surprise your date with a scavenger hunt. You could play a round of mini-golf or if high-octane is more your vibe get on the go-karting track or visit a theme park.

If all of that feels far too strenuous pack a picnic or order out and dine alfresco. One of my absolute favourite things to do is to eat and drink in the sun.

Speaking of drinking in the sun, rooftop bar season is almost upon us! Or if money is tight because like me you’ve committed to flying out of the country as much as possible over the summer grab an ice-cream together, it must be quite amusing to try to catch melting ice cream while getting to know each other.

If you enjoy being amongst nature take your date strawberry picking, or plant something together, it could be a symbol of your growing affection for each other. If you prefer plants once they’re harvested, then visit a vineyard and try wine tasting, or wander round a farmers market.

You could also jump in the car and go for a long drive if you set out at dusk you could head to one of these 12 stargazing spots. Or if you prefer to remain stationary then Luna Cinema has some great drive in and outdoor cinema options.

So there’s plenty of ways you can help your love blossom this spring!

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