Recap of ‘Amp Up Your Voice’ Launch

It’s going to be a short blog this month as I’m currently travelling across Mexico on a much needed break to recharge and rest.

Think raccoons in our camp, a 3 hour boat trip to swim in a magical fresh water pool made by a meteorite, driving cross country and snorkelling in turquoise waters. And more than my body weight consumed in delicious authentic food whilst drinking tequila in its purest form! 

But unconventionally, and flying by the seat of my pants, I boarded the long flight the morning after ‘the night before’ on 9 February, where I delivered my evening in person business launch event.

Take, a Black owned woman led business, a large dose of passion, an authentic ally & advocate AKA Major Players and a army of people supporting what ‘Amp up your voice’ stands for and you have all the ingredients for a brilliant business launch.🚀 

The anti racism, diversity, equity and inclusion consultancy I created in late 2019, to empower leaders, businesses and change makers to become part of the racial Equity change movement through collaborative & positive change, made some waves. 

After months of planning, organising & executing the event, I was super excited to see clients, people I have collaborated & partnered with, those who I have mentored and coached, individuals who have inspired me & friends and family in the room. 

They sat, listened and advocated when I discussed what it means to be a Black and ethnically diverse person in 2022 and how that still translates into the business sector. And how we now know,  statistically, the magnitude of systemic barriers to success that rain down on us.

I feel freshly renewed with unapologetic passion to get the job done, to keep moving the needle that has been stifled and stuck for so long. To enable change, to have a equitable landscape for all marginalised people.  

My 2 hour journey to Heathrow felt like 15mins as I was overwhelmed with all the real time feedback of positivity, love and support for ‘Amps’ cause to create positive, inspirational and tangible outcomes in the workplace.

I wanted to share a few messages with you;

As a woman it was just a pivotal moment in my mind, to hear such a strong panel discussion and how change is so necessary.’,

‘Just getting all those people in the room to have the conversation, is changing the world! 

‘Still buzzing from your event yesterday, it’s totally inspired me to get back into working on my business again.’

It was interesting to hear the different issues we face, especially our Black women. Well done for the launch and inspiration’.

‘Well done @⁨Jo P⁩. Setting the trend and doing amazing work’!!!’

‘I had a fantastic time!! So proud of you @⁨Jo P⁩ so inspirational, keep on pushing you are doing amazing things.’

‘I’ve been educated, loved the vibe, energy and all the lovely amazing people you had in the room’. 

‘Congratulations on a successful night. It was so inspiring to see you up there with such passion & sass! Can’t wait for all the amazing things you will continue to do’! 

And these comments make every single moment of ‘Amps’ journey to date worth it. We facilitate incremental shifts  – by opening up honest conversations on existing bias and creating long term strategic goals on diversity & equity which means businesses are on the road to true inclusion. 

Collaborative learning and working is how we get there. And I am still excited that so many people connected in the room that night, as I honestly believe that collectively we can make a difference. 

I also wanted to say big thanks to my strong tribe of women guest speakers and panelists too who made it a very special night! – Judane Nelson, founder of Haus of Beauty; Jo Valentina Sinclair, Transformational Business Mindset & Success Coach; Claudia Crawley, Coach & Mentor, Winning Pathways; Vicky Edwards, Chief of People Alfa Systems; Aisling Connaughton, Co-Founder, CYD Connects and Jenn McGarrigle, CEO & Co-Founder CYD Connects. The event was powered by Suki of London events, a Black owned business.

These women are smashing the concrete ceiling every single day and I’m super proud to say we belong and continue to positively disrupt.

So if you are a business or individual that authentically wants to proactively make change then do get in contact with Amp, and we can make things happen! 

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