Songs for love, songs for breakups!

In the spirit of continuing the theme of love, this article is dedicated to Valentine’s Day, the highs and lows of said special occasion. If you celebrated love for yourself or with your significant other then yasss for you, but if you just got out of a relationship then fear not, these songs are for you to heal and as well as help those who celebrated love keep the momentum.

*All songs can be found on streaming services*

First on my list is Mary J Blige – ‘love at first sight’ ft Method man. I Iove this song mostly because it keeps you hype while thinking of your special someone. I also happen to love Method man’s verse on the track because his flow is effortless. Do listen and get dancing. P.s yaasss for Mary J Blige at the halftime super bowl this year!

Second on my list is Beyonce – ‘Ego’. I chose this song more for the evening portion of valentine’s day. If you’re feeling yourself and want to do a little dance for your partner this would be one of my choices. It’s sensual so work honey!

Third on my list  is Beyonce – ‘Baby boy’. I just love this song mostly because it has you thinking about your partner but it’s also a great song to get you up and dance.

Fourth on my list is Mariah Carey – ‘always be my baby’. I love a good throwback song that you can mellow out to and sing your heart out while professing your love without seeming that you’re in an 80s movie. Have a listen and reminisce/discover this classic song.

Fifth on my list is my favorite queen Aaliyah – ‘I care 4 u’. I love Aaliyah’s soft vocals on this track. It’s a beautiful way to serenade your partner or yourself. This is a great song to listen to while you’re just chilling out or while having a meal (if you did a home cooked meal).

Sixth on my list with my favourite Queen again Aaliyah – ‘we need a resolution’. Not only is she asking for answers but she’s also asking for a resolution over an amazing Timbaland beat. You can’t go wrong with demanding answers from your partner as to why things are wrong.

Seventh on my list is the legendary Whitney Houston – ‘heartbreak hotel’ ft Kelly price and Faith Evans. Let me tell you the soul, the emotion and the power on this song will have you putting it on repeat. Relationships may fail from time to time but you know what you heal, recover and KEEP IT.

Eighth on my list is another legendary Whitney Houston – its not right’. Whitney sung her vocals off on this song playing detective with her partner on whether or not he was cheating. Even though she’s talking about cheating this song is fun to sing even if you’re happy and in love and let me tell you why… It’s a great throwback, you live your best Whitney life singing this song and it gives you the power to ask the questions to that all well known ‘intuition’. 

Ninth on the list is Beyonce -‘single ladies’. This song is for once you let go of the hurt and remember your worth , admit that you’re special and want to commit to the right person. It’s also got a great dance routine for people to do. Get it sis!

Finally, we have the amazing Mya -‘my love is like whoa’. I do love this song be it’s her right to brag about how great she is so got to love that confidence. The video gave a great dance routine and great editing. I do love soft vocals from time to time. Have a listen.

Thank you for taking the time to read I do hope you enjoy the song selection list.

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