Something for the kids!

Happy new year beautiful people. I hope you all had a great holiday period. This article I’m dedicating to the kids. COVID brought a new generation of babies(myself included) so I’m happy to share what I have been entertaining my baby with as well as early learning development.

First on my list we have ‘Action pack’.

Synopsis: “Level up at the action academy with Wren, Clay, Watts and Treena as the complete daring missions to be superheroes”. I absolutely love Treena not only does she rock her braids but she also has the power to wield plants to help save her comrades and her town. This is a great cartoon for children not just because it’s bright and colourful but the group of heroes show diversity in characters. You can find this show on Netflix. Do check it out and enjoy.

Next on my list is ‘Gracie’s corner’.

Synopsis: “At Gracie’s Corner, we empower and educate children from diverse backgrounds. We pride ourselves on creating fun and engaging songs that emphasize learning. In addition, our videos make viewers want to get up and DANCE! We hope you enjoy exploring the many adventures alongside Gracie and her family.” I really do love this particular YouTube channel because it’s educational and it has a great hip hop beat to it that really draws you in as well as mixture of other rhythms that make you want to dance and learn. Check out Gracie’s corner on YouTube your children will have fun learning.

Next on my list is ‘Karma’s World’.

When I tell you I really got into this show with my baby…. I really got into it. The musical composition was great, the learning/life lessons really teaches you something. I binged watched this and it had my baby focus on this show more than most cartoons for a certain length of time. You can find this show on Netflix. Do watch and learn something new. Each episode is a teachable moment.

Finally on my list is ‘Akili and me’.

Synopsis: “Each episode follows Akili — a curious 4-year-old girl living with her family at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro — into Lala Land, a dream world where she and animal friends learn language, letters and numbers, picking up key emotional and social lessons along the way.” 

I do enjoy this cartoon because again of the learning aspect and the afrobeat rhythms. Nothing helps with learning and absorbing like music. Have a look at Akili and me on YouTube. 

Early educational development is important and we all want what is best for are amazing children but let’s also make it fun for them. Thank you for taking the time to read my article. I hope your children enjoy the selection I know we did!

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