Knowing when to leave

To make this year the best year for you, I feel establishing and setting mental exit strategies are essential.

Now, when I speak of mental exit strategies, I’m not saying to numb your brain and take a wander; I’m instead referring to knowing when the best time to leave a situation. Whether it’s a relationship, employment or a housing issue, being mentally prepared for your exit strategy is the energy we need in 2022.

After the year I had, my strategy and vision needs tweaking so I can become my best self. I’ve had my fair share of adverse situations, but who hasn’t? However, unlike some people, I never leave, always bury my worst feelings, while constantly holding a looped question in my head of ‘What Am I Doing?‘. Feeling and thinking like this, as you know, has some severe consequences to your mental health and well-being. Who on earth wants to feel like that?


So, to stay in a role just for financial gain is no longer necessary, especially when there’s are other options to create your own business or look for other jobs that will better serve you. Now, when searching for a role, the leading motivator should be contentment, development, fulfilment, so to stay at a job that doesn’t bring you happiness or benefits that meets you and your needs, must be re-evaluated, and questioned. 

Now, I get it! We all need to provide for ourselves, even if it makes us miserable, but work should never make us unhappy. Trust me, I’ve been in a workplace that drained everything out of me, so I ultimately know what that feels like, so, if you ever hear a voice in your head screaming ‘Is this even worth it’, you better grab your bags and hand in your notice as fast as you can, as this is the first sign of becoming drained, and it could start to hack away at your self-worth. No job is worth that!


Not all relationships are equal, and not all have the same importance they once did. When a relationship has served its purpose of providing you with a question, answer and/or satisfaction, you subconsciously needed, again it’s good to know when it’s time to leave if the fire you once felt has been totally blown out.

Relationships are hard to let go of because emotions are involved – even if it started out on a friendship level or ‘love connection’, but when it has run its course, it’s okay to end that one and move on.

In biology, something called a “symbiotic relationship” refers to any relationship between two species:

  • Symbiosis —A relationship between two species in which at least one species benefit. 
  • Mutualism — A relationship where both species benefit from each other.
  • Commensalism — A relationship when one species benefits while the other is not affected 
  • Parasitism — A relationship where one species benefit (the host) and the other is harmed (National Geographics)

Relationships typically start differently until they progress, and it may not be the best thing you may need at the moment, so; again, if a ‘Is this even worth it’ question presents itself, you may need to re-evaluate your relationships and understand that to protect your peace, you may have to leave that situation.


So, now note to self if you hear “Is This Even Worth It” starts singing to you, you may need to question that situation.

It’s not enough nor worth it, just going with the flow and sticking it out so that you don’t have to deal with the fallout afterwards. Leaving will be the best action in a negative situation for your mental health and well-being.

Here are some questions alongside some tips to identify if a situation no longer serves you:

What is happening?

  • If a situation begins to go sour, this usually is the first thing we tend to ask ourselves.
  • Best to evaluate whether the situation is beneficial to you.
  • Communicate your issues and feelings

Not this, again?

  • Nothing has gotten better, only just worst
  • Putting the exit strategy together:
  • Employment: Start typing your notice with a realist notice period
  • Relationship: Express what you need in the relationship and see if they can give it to you.

What am I doing?

  • The final question when all has been exhaust
  • Time to leave and start healing.

Please, understand if a situation is not benefiting you, why should you entertain it for long. It’s okay to be selfish and look out for you. I mean, most are selfish, why? Because it’s about self-preservation and you only can control what actions to take to protect your well-being.

Happy 2022! x

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