My most played tracks this month

Welcome to the entertainment section. In this particular edition I will be talking about reality music both current and past.

Chloe – Have Mercy

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First on the list we have ‘Chloe- Have mercy’. If you haven’t heard this song via tik tok as it is has been trending on that app for a few months, then you have a chance to watch the new music video recently released on YouTube. This song will have you bringing out your inner Diva. The video is serving looks, acrobatics and the iconic Ms Tina Lawson (Beyonce’s mother). Head on over to YouTube to have a look at the amazing video and live your best diva life.

Missy Elliot – Hit em with the hee

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Second on my list is a classic throwback from the Icon herself ‘Missy Elliot’ with the classic track ‘ Hit em with the hee’. Got love the musical composition of this track from the sample beat from Bjork(Joga) to the hip hop beat layered over it. This song understood the assignment is all I will say. If you haven’t heard this song before do have a look for it on YouTube. This song maybe 20+ years old but the video and the song will forever be timeless.

Normani – Wild side ft Cardi B

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Third song on my list is from the very talented Normani  title ‘Wild side ft Cardi b. Not only is this song sexy but Normani always slays a dance routine (choreographed by Sean Bankhead) making me want to learn the routine myself. If you didn’t see the live VMA performance head over to YouTube, you will be entertained.

Ciara – Work

Image from google

Fourth on my list is another throwback from Ciara song title ‘Work’. This song I have recently had on repeat while working or working out. You never know how much of vibe this song was until you have gone back and listened to it. I live my best life currently through this song.

Aaliyah – Are you that somebody

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For my fifth and final song I dedicate this song to Aaliyah, in honour of her music being released again to the public, the song I have chosen is ‘Are you that somebody’. I love this song because it’s a vibe, it’s a mood that we can all get with. You’ll thank me later fro the throwbacks reminder.

Thank you for reading and math hope you enjoy the song selection.

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