Cosy home ideas

Winter time is coming! It is the time of year which many people find difficult due to the shortened days, light and freezing cold weather. YouGov has estimated that 29% of adults will be affected by seasonal affective disorder which is similar to depression except it is induced due to the weather. With these last year and half being particularly difficult I believe that creating a home environment with the correct ambience can positively support your mental wellbeing which can help us all feel better.

Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings are an effortless way of bringing a cosy feel into the house, it can help create a tranquil, warm environment whilst mixing and matching different textures and colours to bring is effortless style your home. A knitted or textured throw draped beautifully over your sofa or bed can make it look more inviting to be sat on or laid in. It can make movies night more snuggly and is practical as it can stop you from feeling cold.

A knitted or textured throw draped beautifully over your sofa or bed can make it look more inviting to be sat on or laid in. It can make movie night more snuggly and it’s practical as it can stop you from feeling cold.

In winter your duvet and duvet cover are important as this is what will keep you warm at night. If you are frugal with regards to the heating like me, then it switches off at 10pm and comes back on at 5am. Investing in a winter duvet with a high tog rating is needed. During the summer you need a duvet with a rating between 2.5 to 7 and in winter 10.5 to 13.5. My duvet at home is actually a 15 tog duvet as I hate feeling cold. My favourite duvet and pillow cover to bring warm into my bedroom is a teddy fleece cover, it makes my sleep even more comfortable.

Having wood flooring was particularly annoying when I first moved in as it doesn’t insulate heat as much as carpet. Adding a rug in your home can help to add texture, warmth and panache depending on the type of rug you choose. My favourite type of rug is a shaggy rug which feels particularly nice on the feet. Another benefit of adding a rug to your home is it can help define an area, you can choose rugs which have bold colours which can add some flare to your home.


Indulging in some nice scents such as candles, incense, wax melts and diffusers can make your home more inviting and set the mood. I like using candles in the evening for light as well as during dinner parties and in a romantic setting. My favourite brand of candles is Yankee, discounted Yankee candles are available on Groupon. You can often get a set which allows you to try a range of candles before investing in a large jar. 

Using essential oils with the diffuser can help you to relax, promotes a calm environment and help to boast your mood and they are natural. I use lavender oils before I go to bed as it helps me unwind and gets me ready to sleep.


Winter time is particularly difficult due to the lack of lighting due to the shortened days therefore lack of sunlight. On a working day, I often find myself waking up when it is dark and coming home when it is dark. Good lighting can improve your mood, reduce the effect of gloomy days and create a warm ambience in your home.

Salt lamps are carved out of pink Himalayan salt, they have a beautiful pink, rose or orange tone, they are considered to be natural ionizers and can change the air. There are numerous benefits which include mood boasting and can help with allergies and asthma. Salt lamps can create a warm tone due to the natural colours.

SAD lamps can help treat seasonal affective disorder and I feel that even if you don’t have that condition it can still be beneficial. It is particularly effective first thing in the morning therefore I would recommend getting one that has an alarm clock as you can set it to sunrise whilst you wake up.

LED strip lights get help modernise your home and they are quiet affordable. They can be used behind the television, under kitchen cabinets or around the wall of your bedroom. You can use a remote control to change the colour of the light. Similarly, you can use smart lighting which uses Alexa or Google home to control the colour of the lighting.


I would always recommend plants and flowers in the house regardless of whether you are or aren’t trying to make your home feel cosy. Plants are a way of bringing life into the household and add a freshness. My favourite plants are the ones which are low maintenance such as a rubber plant or cactus. Harvesting season has started for sunflowers therefore adding some to the dining table is a great way to bring is some colour to the home. Check out a previous article I wrote on house plants to help you gather some ideas.

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