Best of Reality TV

Welcome to the entertainment section. In this particular edition I will be talking about reality TV series both current and past.

The Real Housewives of Potomac

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First on the reality series is ‘The real housewives of Potomac’. This franchise is currently in its sixth season and is definitely amplifying the dram; from alleged cheating rumours to tackling possible depression as well following the lives of Wealthy/successful black women. What I love about this franchise is they know how to throw shade, show us their life and have fun. My favourite housewife/wives this season so far as always, is the Grande Dame herself Mrs. Karen Huger. Her level of unbothered mixed with putting someone in their place in a very classy way is a whole mood.

This season I am really feeling the newbies Mia Thornton because of her transparency and friend to the show Askale because she’s open to meeting the whole group of ladies and passing her own judgement rather than following her friend in everything she does. If you haven’t caught up with this season or past seasons then head in over to Hayu and subscribe.

Enjoy binge watching.

The Encore

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Second on my list of reality TV series we have ‘BET presents the encore’. This is the first season as it’s a brand new show. This show is about making a new all female collaboration group to create a new album and create a showcase within 30 days. Starring artists like Shamari (from girl group Blaque), Pamela (from the group Total), Kiely (from 3LW & cheetah girls), Fallon and Felisha(from the group Cherish) and many more.

Apart from the drama of creating a cohesive group and finding their sound, I actually love the concept of bringing old and new artists together to see what can be created and put out to the world. I do hope that there will be a season two but with men as it would be nice to hear what we would get from them. If you haven’t heard the album from the ladies, it is currently on the top five iTunes chart. The album is called ‘Blueprint’, it’s a great listen and the genres vary from gospel to R&B.

I hope you enjoy the show and support the album.

The Belle Collective

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Lastly on my reality TV series list, we have ‘The Belle collective’. This show is about successful black female bosses in Mississippi trying to redefine what it is to be a modern day southern belle.  I do love the idea of a southern belle and what it entails so I’ll be tuning in to watch both season one and two and bonus they’re all successful so it’s always a great goal to aspire to especially living in the South.

Do have a watch and I hope you get your best life watching this show.

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