Top 3 Female Verzuz Battles

Welcome to the entertainment section. In this particular edition I will be talking about my top three female Verzuz battles they have had so far and who would be great to have in the future.

1: Brandy vs Monica

Hands down we all know that this was the iconic battle that everyone had waited for especially since the release of the iconic 1998 song ‘The boy is mine’. If you live in the UK you have to stay awake as the battles are from 1am, so I was glad to have caught it live that day. The song choices had you strolling down the memory lane from song choices like ‘Before you walk out my life by Monica’ and ‘Down by Brandy’. This battle is my number one in the female battles because not only was it a part of my childhood but each song played made me feel like I was live in concert and singing my heart out and at some point you related to each song. I loved how both the ladies had showcased some of their new songs e.g ‘Monica ft Da Baby – Trenches’.

Do go and have a listen to this song.

2: Eve vs Trina

This was a great choice for a battle as they are both from the same era of female rap. I have to admit if I had to choose a team then I’m definitely team Eve, mostly because I grew up listening to her music more than Trina but after watching the battle, I’m still team Eve but I definitely caught my dancing vibe from listening to Trina, who doesn’t like to twerk here and there. One thing about this battle that I’m happy to see is the female representation in rap as there are a lot of female rappers but not many doing the Verzuz but that might be due on-going feuds etc. I do have some options of battles that I would like to see which I would state at the end.  One of my favorite Eve verses that I got super excited hearing was ‘City high ft Eve – Caramel’ still one of the best songs to this day next to ‘Tambourine’. The best Trina verse was definitely her collab with Missy Elliot ‘One minute man’. You should go and watch this battle and see some of the best female rappers represent the culture.

3: Jill Scott vs Erykah Badu

So if you haven’t already seen this battle you need to. The level of soul and empowerment that radiated from these women. One thing about this battle is even though it was conducted in their homes due to the pandemic they really supported and held each other up if their was an issue etc . The song choices had me mellow and listening to the message in certain songs. Once my favorite song choices were played I was definitely living my best quarantine concert life.

Make sure you go and watch this battle.

All the battles can be found on both YouTube and the Verzuz TV Instagram page (@verzuztv) so go have a look and a listen. Live your best concert life from the convenience of your own home.

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