Creativity is not just a job

As an adult there are activities that I do not partake in whereas when I was a child I would, getting creative is one of them. I often feel like I do not have the time or the energy to bother however recently I have been going through what I would describe as an awakening after a difficult time. Whilst I have been changing and improving areas of my life, I realised that I miss participating in the creative activities. Personally, I have only seen creativity in adults discussed in relation to their job role, entrepreneurship or a side hustle. There are benefits of leisurely creative activities such as an increase in happiness, improvement in mental health and well-being, boost to the immune system and an increase in brain connectivity therefore making use become smarter.

Three ways to enhance your creativity

As we are grown I thought why not include something I have always wanted to do which is attend a paint party. You can unleash your creativity whilst amongst friends listening to great music and drinking fancy cocktails. No experience is required and the host provides all art tools and supplies.–london/paint-party/

Cooking Class and Recipe Subscription Boxes

A cooking class or a recipe subscription box is a learn a new skill, I often get submerged in cooking as I want to make really tasty food. Recently I tried the Hello Fresh subscription and I absolutely loved it, you choose what meals you would like to make, the box is delivered to your house and you follow a recipe card with all of the ingredients measured out for you. I was able to pick up some new tips and tricks as well as tasty food I would not have usually tried.

Creative Journaling

Creative Journaling is ‘recoding your thoughts through art rather than writing’. There is no wrong or right way to use creative journaling and you do not need any experience. You can use your journal as a scrapbook for ideas or even brain storm your ideas through pictures thus using it as a self-development tool. Doodling your feelings is an excellent way to mindfully express your thoughts or painting pictures.

Getting creative is a good way to connect with your inner child, it is an activity that can make us feel good through the release of dopamine which is associated with pleasurable sensations and the happiness hormones. Besides the creative activities I have suggested find your own that you enjoy this could be a pottery class, cocktail making, a visit to a museum, drawing and more, now is the time to stop associating creativity with work and get creative for ourselves. 

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