Luxury Picnics for the Summer Time

Picnics are a great way to spend time with family and friends, I mean who doesn’t bond over good quality food, beverages and quality time whilst in the park, beach or garden especially as summer time is fast approaching. Being organised with your picnic can make the day more pleasurable therefore I have sourced some which will definitely wow the crowd.

Fortnum and Mason

The Luxury Picnic Hamper for Two comprises of 26 individual items, which are contained in a medium wicker hamper. The items include a crab salad, traditional scotch eggs and cheese platter. It will set you back a dear £200.00. All of the salads and fruits are freshly picked from the food hall and they are able to deliver next day. If you would like to impress a special person this is the picnic for you.

Marks & Spencers

Marks and Spencer is one of my favourite stores for indulgent foods the advert always convinces me. M&S picnic hamper consist of 15 items; a cool bag and a tote bag and costs £75.00. The food is slightly more adventurous than the traditional English picnic as it is more inclusive as it has Italian pasta and spinach pasta, olives and deli style coleslaw.

Luxury Picnic Company

The Luxury Picnic Company create bespoke picnic boxes and picnic style events across London. The High-Tea & Mighty can cost between £30.00 to £80.00 depending on the amount of people. It includes a Smoked salmon and dill cream cheese sandwich, cheese puffs and a strawberry tartelette. The Luxury Picnic Company events stands out as you agree a date, time and meeting spot in the park and they will set the event up for you. I wish I were born in the summer time, as this would be an incredibly fun birthday. Included in the picnic experience is a various items including picnic blanket, glassware, crockery and it is all themed to the style of your event.

Create your own luxury picnic

I understand that not everyone may want to spend loads on paying for a luxury picnic therefore here are some tips on how to create your own.

Set the scene

Comfortable seating and a nice location to eat and socialise all help with the ambience of a luxury picnic. Find an old palette and upcycle it with some paint. Place the palette on top of a blanket and put some cushions around the palette for your guests to sit on. Set the palette as if you would a table with some nice crockery. Source items that are within the same colour scheme so it can look more coordinated.


As much as I love English food, I feel like the best picnics are those with a mixture of food from different cultures. I would love to make Caribbean tapas or perhaps my own chacutterie and cheese board. You can buy prepared food your local supermarket or local deli. Lay it out on boards or glass platters to make the picnic feel that little bit more special.


Grab a Bluetooth speaker and set the tone of the picnic with some music. My friends and I love playing game especially drinking games. Ring of Fire is our got to game and all you need is a pack of games, other entertaining games include Drinkopoly and Twister. 

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