My relationships with UTI

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my share of UTIs, and girl, did they cause me pain. From extreme discomfort during and after urination to feeling drained and exhausted most hours of the days. To me, UTIs are the most annoying condition, because it sneaks up on you, never giving you a notice of when it may show up or why it wants to give you grief. This condition seems to take away your joy, energy and peace while peeing and taunts you into despair. It’s currently the bane of my life.

I thought after my ordeal of my UTI experiences were over and done with three years ago, but no, it proved me wrong. I recently dealt with a severe cause of UTI that I thought it could be a kidney infection. Let me explain; the excruciating pain going from my pelvic/hip bone down my left leg to end up stabbing the sole of my foot caused me to be bed bound for a few hours of my days (luckily, I still work from home). As well as constant urination and pain around the urethra, and vagina with minimal spotting, became the death of me. This UTI experience was the worst one I’ve ever encountered yet.

I wondered how I developed this nuisance of infection and how I would treat myself without medication (if that’s possible). When I first discovered that I had produced some of the symptoms of cloudy urine, an urge to go to the toilet frequently, and pain after urination, I began drinking more water and taking probiotics to flush the infection out of my body. That process took a little over a week to get rid of the condition (so I thought). When I eased off drinking water, I developed the most intense pain ever, which brings me to believe that I could have alleviated the pain rather than treated the infection, which is conflicting because I’m not a big believer in pharmaceutical medications.

So, what did I have to do as I laid in torture? I rang the doctor and got the medication I needed, lol. Again, it clashed with my ideals. However, if I kept on with my self-remedy regime, I wouldn’t need any antibiotics, as I do have opposing thoughts for the medication, but that’s another discussion, but I needed to get rid of the pain – fast!

So, you’re probably wondering what is a UTI?

Well, UTI stands for urinary tract infection that can attack parts of your urinary system like kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra. UTIs are commonly caused by bacteria, although other factors could encourage you to develop a UTI.

Women tend to develop UTIs more than men due to having a shorter urinary tract. A woman’s urethra is extremely close to the vagina and anus, where bacteria innately occur, potentially leading to a Urinary Tract Infection.

UTI symptoms are very annoying, as I mentioned before, with frequent and painful urination, but it can also be identified by strong smelling or cloudy urine.

What are the causes?

They say if you previously had a UTI, you have a higher chance of developing it again – yep, I can testify to that (I say with one hand raised in the air).   However, a weakened immune system and sex can bring on a UTI case. To note, it is always best to urinate after every sex session/ round to remove any lingering bacteria.

Other plausible causes:

  • Age
  • Diabetes
  • Pregnancy
  • Poor hygiene
  • Decrease in oestrogen levels
  • Condom use during sex – linked to skin irritation
  • Dehydration
  • STIs like Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea can cause UTI
  • Irritation from feminine hygiene products

Are there any UTI home remedies?

For me, staying hydrated is the most critical prevention and cure for UTI; I feel that is why I developed an infection in the first place, due to the lack of water in my body. You can also incorporate cranberries or probiotics with cranberries extracts into your diet for a prevention and cure tactic to help you deal with a UTI, though this is not an instant cure, can take almost a week or 2 for it to heal the body. 

It’s also worth noting not to hold your urine for a long time, as bacteria tend to linger and can cause your bladder and urinary tract to become irritated.

All in all, UTIs is an annoyance that should be tackled from the first symptom (s) is felt, no matter what method you choose to deal with it. However, make sure you see a medical professional if your condition gets worse as it may be a symptom of another underlying condition. The best way of dealing with a UTI is to stay ready rather than getting ready, meaning prevention is better than cure; try to decrease your risk with water and probiotics because they will also do your overall health some good!

So, ladies, you may wish to know how I’m feeling now?  Well, this round of UTI has taught me a few things, Hydration is a given.  The saying of treat your body like a temple is so bleeding true.  Don’t neglect it because it does fight back and let you know just exactly who’s boss.  Yeah, I was conflicted taking the Pharmaceutical antibiotics for 3 days and temporarily ditching my home remedies, it was necessary to do so to treat the infection quickly.  So, I learned I must not let confliction get in the way of common sense so now I can say– I feel good, and I hope you do too!

Remember to remain safe and well.

 Reference: Healthline\ Mayo Clinic

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