Entertainment recap

Welcome back to entertainment. I have missed filling you all in on everything.  So, to kick things off I am going to give you the top three songs, movies and shows/series.

Top 3 Songs to listen to

1) Faith Evans ft Missy Elliot & Sharaya J – Deserve it

Got to love this song because it brings the classic soul singing from Faith Evans mixed with the old school classic rap flow from Missy Elliott and fresh upbeat flow from Sharaya J. This song is about appreciating your worth and time especially while looking for a potential partner. The video has incorporated some funny elements of ‘coming to America’ making fun of how hard it is to find the right person to date in the club scene. Do have a listen to the song and enjoy.

2) Kelly Rowland – Flowers

This song really shows Kelly’s versatility in music styles.  The song is so beautiful for various reasons including the instrumental composition. This song is a dream for Contemporary Dancers. The video is very simplistic but enchanting all at the same time. I can listen to this song just to slow down life for a few moments. Listen if you feel like you need to mellow and appreciate life for a moment.

3) Aaliyah – I miss you

I have a chosen a throwback song in honor of both Aaliyah and Dmx as they died twenty years apart and its so sad because that’s two musical icons that we won’t hear great music from. This song had definitely increased its view on YouTube since DMX died but this song is so beautiful to listen to in general. Have to appreciate a great throwback.


1) ‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’

If you haven’t already seen it then you need to watch ‘A Black Lady Sketch show’. Season 2 has recently been released on HBO. This is a hilarious show built on various comedy skits performed by predominantly black women. This show is starring ‘Gabrielle Dennis, Quinta Brunson, Ashley Nicole Black, Robin Thede, Laci Mosley & Sky Townsend’. If you need your ribs tickled then definitely tune in you won’t regret it. 

2) ‘Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!

The next show to watch is ‘Dad Stop embarrassing me!’ This show stars Kyla Drew and Jamie Foxx. This show is about ‘A single dad and cosmetic brand owner is trying to figure out fatherhood when his strong-minded teenage daughter moves in with him.’ This series is rated a ‘12’ so it can be watched with an adult present. You can find this show on Netflix so no excuses, go and watch this show.Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!

3) ‘Them’

A show to have a look into is ‘Them’. This show is about ‘a black family moving from North Carolina to Los Angeles into an all-white neighborhood, their home becomes ground zero for malevolent forces.’ This show is set in the 1950s. This show is starring Deborah Ayorinde & Bashy along with other great supporting cast members. I love the combination of 50’s era style mixed with the taboo subject of ‘the other world experience’.  Have a watch and be prepared for everything. This show can be found on Amazon Prime.

top 3 movies to watch

1) ‘Cinderella’

I am so happy to say that Disney plus has finally released ‘Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella’. This is the perfect throwback movie and the first Black Cinderella movie. This amazing line up stars Brandy Norwood and THE Whitney Houston. This movie will forever be the best version of Cinderella because of the cast and the musical compliment. This has me in tears or feeling like a kid again, wishing I was princess. Go and live your childhood again and watch it.

2) ‘Thunder Force

Thunder force is definitely a comedy movie to watch Starring Octavia Spencer and Melissa Mccarthy. This story is about two childhood friends becoming a crime-fighting superhero duo. This movie not only showed Octavia Spencer as one of the most intelligent women but also showing her fighting crime for the good. This movie is hilarious but I love that they added the value of what a good education can do for you as well as having the right people on your team. You can find this movie on Netflix.

3) ‘A babysitter’s guide to monster hunting’

This movie is a family friendly movie titled ‘A babysitter’s guide to monster hunting’.  this movie is about a group of secret society of babysitters fighting one of our worst childhood nightmares the boogeyman and his minions.  this a great movie to watch with the kids if they are ever feeling afraid of the monster in the closet because it helps to encourage them to feel brave and unafraid. I hope you enjoy it also.

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