How to get summer ready!

Now, since the world’s announcement of opening up (end of lockdown), I feel like it’s the best time to start getting your health and wellness ready to go out in the big wide world.  So, here’s 3 tips to get you prepared for your hot girl summer!

Tip 1: Be body positive

I don’t know about you, but I have put on a lot of weight during the lockdown. I feel every roll, pudge and fat every time I move, which is not the most flattering thing in the world, but I’ve learned to embrace my chubby body parts. I learned to love how my body looks in the mirror, naked like the day I was born, and appreciate how clothes feel on my skin with this new weight! I now glorify all the changes my body has gone through during lockdown.

So, I encourage you to love your body whether you’ve lost weight, gained a few pounds or toned some muscles because you have to appreciate what you’ve got.

Tip 2: No bad energy

Since summer is the season for fun, love and sunshine, protecting your energy is the most important thing (I feel) after being in lockdown. Staying away from negativity may change your whole outlook as the world begins to open. I’d also kindly like to add to reinvest your energy and emotions into something positive, something that will make you feel amazing about yourself. During the lockdown, I was at my lowest self, very negative and depressed about life; however, since adopting this methodology, I’ve redirected all pain into something that I can be proud of, focusing my attention on something creative like embroidery. My good friend once told me that ‘you are wasting time if you wallow in despair and don’t do anything about it because you’re only responsible for you and your life and emotions’.  

Tip 3: living my best life

After being locked down for a year and a few months, I learned not to let time pass me by. I learnt to make the best out of every situation and for every situation to be a lesson. 

With this way of thinking, my life is more optimistic than it was pre- lockdown. My thoughts on living my best life are minding my own business, having a better outlook on my life and going for what I want. As the motto says, ‘time, waits for no one.’

The lockdown has to taught me that ‘lost time is never found again’ and you have to create your own happiness. So, hopefully these tips help to encourage you to live your best life and don’t go back and forth without negativity, as Lil Duval would say. So, have a good summer! X

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