Championing Black UK Homes

During my time scrolling on Instagram I often come across a lot home accounts, the ones that I come across tend to be the ones which are white owned, with a huge following and a lot of sponsored items. I think that it is about time some light was shed on Black UK Homes that I feel are worth talking about.


I discovered @blackhomesuk recently through my Instagram explore page and I was pleasantly surprised. It is a page, which celebrates the homes and culture of the black community. It is formed by 7 individuals who all have their own Instagram page for their own homes and share their decor ideas, renovation journeys, DIY tutorials each with an individual style and flare. I love going on the @blackhomesuk to find inspiration from other home accounts or to simply just use others ideas to dream of how I would like my future home to be. @blackhomesuk is a pandora’s box for the black community and is definitely worth checking out.


Steph and Lance are the couple behind @hsresidence. They were able to transform their 1930’s 3-bedroom mid terrace house in London. Steph and Lance have documented their renovation on Instagram and have created resources for other home owners who would like to renovate their property which includes a Home Renovation Budget Template, Home Renovation Guide and Home Renovation Project Checklist. Their home has a colour scheme of grey, white and black with hints of green and gold which makes it look clean and have minimalist feel.   


Lydia Dinga is an influencer who saved up a £70k deposit for a house, amazing right? Lydia has documented her home renovation process on Youtube (Lydia Dinga) and through Instagram. She is extremely transparent with the renovation process and goes into detail regarding budget, costs, last minute changes, burnout and the general good, bad and ugly of a doing a home renovation. Lydia’s homes screams opulence and luxury, you can tell a lot of time and money was spent renovating it to perfection.


The first thing that drew me to @e11renovation was the orange sink, it is super quirky and something I have never seen before in a bathroom. I love a stand out fixture or piece of furniture. @e11renovation is a house full of colour with black used as a base colour; it is a pleasant change from the all grey homes. It features photos walls with prints and pieces, which have been sourced to add to the uniqueness of the property.


Julia and Maktuno are restoring a Victoria House, which was damaged by a bomb in the past. They would like to use their home to host a supper club. The supper club ‘House of Metis’, will be used to create a community amongst a shared joy for food whilst building meaningful connections. Now their home is far from finished however I think it is amazing to see such a huge project take place whilst having a business idea behind the renovation too. I can’t wait to see the finished product and would like to visit the supper club one day too.

Let me know what home accounts you follow on Instagram, I would like to check them out. I hope you are able to find some inspiration and ideas from the ones that I have featured.

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