House plants to spice up your life and lift your mood!

Spring is around the corner, I literally cannot wait. The short days will be turning into long summer evenings with beautiful sunsets and sunrises. After all the snow we have had these last couple of weeks I am looking forward to feeling the sun on my skin. One of my favourite things about spring is seeing all of the plants and trees blooming on my way to work. Since moving into my own flat I have become a plant mum. I have never been green fingered therefore all of the plants I have require minimal care which works best for me as there are little mistakes to be made.  

Aloe Vera

I have always grown up with an Aloe Vera plant in the house, it is a medicinal plant and I have often used it on the skin for burns and on my face as part of a face mask. It is best grown in a pot with drainage holes and in direct sunlight. You should water the plant every two to three weeks. My cat loves to dig out my aloe vera plant therefore if you have a pet keep it out of reach. 

Ficus Elastica 

The rubber plant was the first ever plant that I purchased from Ikea (I nicknamed mine Wendy, LOL). It is a low maintenance plant that doesn’t require watering often. If over watered the leaves will fall off. As the leaves are quite large it does require dusting and wiping with a cloth. There are different types of rubber plants but the one I find most stunning is the one that has red in the shiny green leaves. 

Kentia Palm 

The Kentia Palm reminds me of the Caribbean as it has long thin leaves similar to palm trees. It requires low light with humid air therefore it isn’t suitable for direct sunlight. The leaves should remain green all year round, if they turn brown it means it doesn’t have enough water. This plant does require water every week however you don’t need to saturate the soil.  

Monstera Deliciosa 

The swiss cheese plant is a fast growing plant that requires watering every two weeks or so. As it is a fast growing plant you will need to change the plant pot regularly to allow it to have more room to grow. The leaves are quite unique and distinct as it has chunks missing. Please be aware that this plant is poisonous to cats and dogs therefore keep out of reach. 

Let me know what plants you have in your house and if you are planning on becoming a plant parent, good luck! 

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