Feel good TV series to watch

If you are wondering what to binge watch during this lockdown if you haven’t already seen these programmes, then here is a list of what you can watch and immediately be engaged.

Side note before I proceed: The representation of Black people in the Netflix series ‘Bridgerton’ is refreshing because usually in a period/drama shows Black people are usually shown as slaves or not capable of representing ‘High society’ or sometimes they’re nonexistent. To watch this show and see from the extras to the main cast not be portrayed as anything but less than the it’s amazing. Should you choose to watch this, I advise that you make sure there are no children present in the room due to the amount of intercourse displayed throughout the series.

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Star Treck: Discovery

If you are into ‘Sci-Fi’ why not check out ‘Star Trek: Discovery’, starring Sonequa Martin-Greene. This show can be found on the CBS channel and Netflix. Synopsis: ‘Commander Michael Burnham of the Federation starship U.S.S. Shenzou disputes her captain’s peaceful stance when their ship encounters hostile forces.’  I will be binge watching this as I love a bit of sci-fi and it’s not very often that you see a female lead as a captain of a starship within the sci-fi genre. Do watch and enjoy!

Family Reunion

For a family friendly series, I bring you ‘Family reunion’ starring Tia Mowry-Hardict and Loretta Devine. Synopsis: The Mckellan family move from the city to the south and embark on many adventures while staying with their grandparents. I absolutely love this series as they not only have the comedy but they also tackle the various issues you may go through. This show can be found on Netflix. This is definitely a must watch and I can’t to wait to watch it again.

All about the Washingtons

Another family friendly series by the name of ‘All about the Washington’s’ starring Justine Simmons (Rev Run’s wife). Synopsis: While Joey settles into a new domestic routine, Justine kick starts her career with a wildly innovative debut product. This show is absolutely hilarious and you can follow Justine’s journey from being a housewife to being an Entrepreneur and wife.  This is something to enjoy with the kids and just relax with some family fun. You can find this series on Netflix so be sure to check it out.


Finally, on the list is the classic throwback ‘Moesha’ starring Brandy Norwood. Synopsis: Navigating the twists and firsts of high school, Moesha juggles friendships, romance and the occasional drama while trying to keep her family together. By now I’m sure everyone has seen this iconic show which was very popular in late 90s early 2000s tv. This was definitely something worth looking forward to after school however you don’t have to wait for this classic as you can find it on Netflix and watch all six seasons. Make sure you get your life by watching Moesha.

So many options to watch and there are many more so keep reading to see what else is out there that you may have missed or want to relive. Happy watching

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