I have a question for you!  You wake up from a good night’s sleep, what’s the first thing you do? Do you a) Pick up your phone b) Take 5 mins to think or c) Stretch your arms above your head, point your toes and lengthen your back. What’s your answer and what do you think is the most important?

There’s a saying ‘a good morning routine sets the tone for the day’. You can do or include more activities to start your mornings off with success. Instead of snoozing your alarm, skipping breakfast or check your phone as soon as you wake, you can implement these 3 habits into your morning routine that will allow you to become more alert, mindful and productive.

First Habit – Ditch the Snooze Button

No more snoozing every 5-15 minutes after you’re meant to wake up, instead you should consider purchasing an old-fashioned alarm clock and place it on the opposite side of the room from your bed, forcing you to get up and turn the ringing off. Some experts disagrees with the alarm clock waking you up, as the annoying loud sounds from the alarm clock can cause higher blood pressure and increase your heart rate when you wake up abruptly. They recommend gradually waking up by sunlight pouring into your room, however this will prove to be difficult if you live in colder climates like the U.K as sunrise normally rises at 7:30am in the winter. Resulting in the possibility of being late to work or appointments, so an alarm clock may be best until spring/summer comes along.

I would recommend you to stop relying on your phone to wake you up and invest in a classic or digital alarm clock. This stops you from checking emails, texts or the news when you open your eyes and start you day.

Second Habit – Muscles Need Love Too

After turning off the alarm clock, stretch the body – simply listening to your body and see what area holds a lot of tension. Move the body with your breath and create a rhythmic flow of movement.  Studies shows that stretching in the morning can relax yet energise the body. You can also do yoga.

I’ve been doing this for few weeks and noticed a huge improvement on posture, flexibility and mental health. As I took the time to stretch, I allowed my body to speak to me through its aches and pains. I mentally noted what may be the root of my muscle tightness, stress and poor posture.

So, taking 5 mins each morning to do some of my personal favourites stretches like thew cat/dog pose, upper back and shoulder stretches, forward and backwards bends can help you move with more energy in the mornings.  This can also be replaced with your morning workouts too.

Third Habit – Moments of Gratitude

A time to silence the mind is crucial in the mornings. It’s a time for yourself to keep and hold your peace before you have to share yourself with the world.  A millionaire once said, ‘your best ideas comes when you quiet the mind’. Have you ever wondered why you have brilliant and creative ideas when you’re in the shower, when you first wake up or when you’re mindlessly thinking? This is due letting the mind wander aimlessly. Try taking a moment and let your mind come up with some inventive plans.

You can’t complete your mornings without being grateful for what you have, even if you don’t have ‘a lot’. Showing gratitude can deter negative thinking and promise a positive start to a good day. Simply write down in a gratitude journal or say out loud all things you are thankful for, you may just notice a great change in mood that is very productive.

This is the best tip I could recommend!

I know mornings can be horrible, especially in winter but including the simple but effective habits can uplift a dreadful morning into an inspiring one. Please plan accordingly to include these habits into your morning routine, though I will not be held responsible for you being late. You’re welcome- to the great feeling you’ll experience in implementing these small but significant changes to your morning routine.

You can create a habit in 30 days, so experiment with these morning habits for a month and let me know how you feel!

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