Decluttering your life and having a fresh start

The New Year is upon us, for many of us like myself it is a restart button to switching out bad habits and introducing new ones. I feel as though I have a rebirth, the kind that I have when it is my birthday. It is a time I like to use to reflect upon the year see what I would like to change as well as improve upon. There are a number of things that I like to do at the beginning of the year to help me get off to the best start.

1. Shedding dead weight

Shedding dead weight is not always about getting rid of bodyweight or even people. I use the term to describe decluttering my home and wardrobe. Getting rid of items, which no longer have no use or I quiet simply do not need. I like to recycle boxes, shred old letters and take items to be recycled to the dump. Another excellent weight of getting rid of larger pieces of items is through the British Heart Foundations furniture collection service. They will come to your house and take the items to sell in their shops. I give clothes, handbags and shoes to charity though the clothes bins you see on the street to charity or I give them family members I feel it will look nice on.

Making sure your room is functional for each purpose is another way of decluttering and organising your space. For example, my ‘living room’, is a living room/dining room and my cat Monsoon sleeping area. I make sure anything else for example exercise equipment, my clothes rack and my iron is kept elsewhere even though from time to time I may use it in that room. This allows the feeling of an airy feel, there is nothing worse than feeling you have to much stuff in one room.

2. Get organised

Last year I purchased a planner and barely used it. I was discourage by the environment of 2020 and felt I had nothing to do when truly I did. This year I purchased a diary from Papier, I have inputted all my important dates and I use it to plan my week and remind myself of important tasks that I have. Despite my working in the finance field I have never had excel budget spreadsheet, I have decided that this year I want to take serious control of my finances. I downloaded The Break Platforms budget planner for £3.99. If you would like some free financial resources the Pennies to Pounds Podcast have one on their website and if you would like to organise your week you could use the calendar on your phone.

Papier 2021 Diary-

The Break Platform Planner-

Pennies to Pound-

3. Introduce routine or change your routine

I have into the bad habit of over sleeping, rushing into the shower and speeding off to work. I do not eat breakfast, have drink and often enter the office flustered. This is not the best start to my day at all, it is something I am working on getting together this year. I would be lying to you if I said I now have my morning routine perfected however I am taking baby steps starting with making sure I leave the house with a hot drink in hand and getting out of bed within 30 minutes of waking up. Although these are not huge changes, it makes all the difference to my morning and lets me set off on the right foot. You try to change or introduce a routine into your life and see whether you feel better off for it.

I hope that by opening up to areas in my life that I would like change encourages you to look back and adjust areas in yours. Wishing you all a very positive and blessed start to the year.

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