Songs to kick off your 2021

What better way to  start your new year than to vibe out and motivate yourself  with these beautiful women!

First up we have Kelly Rowland with the song ‘Hitman’. This video is the very definition of ‘melanin poppin’. I’m in love with this song for many reasons one of them being that when you listen to it you get the feeling of being on an island beach party letting the rhythms take over your hips. This is the kind of song that you need a partner to dance with!

Next we have Ciara with the song ‘Rooted remix’. There are two versions the original, which the song is talking about being black and excellent with full lyrics. The remix version is a jersey club remix which is perfect for using while doing your workouts and pushing you beyond your limits. The remix beat is definitely great for getting that adrenaline pumping. So if you’re looking for that motivation this is the song you need.

Next for the motivation and vibe is Missy Elliott- ‘cool off’. Missy Elliott is an icon for always creating music that gets you up and dancing. This song was the highlight for 2020 bringing the ‘Cool off’ dance trend that kept everyone occupied during the first lockdown so why not bring this song with you as motivation to go hard for any occasion. This will be the hype song that you need to have on your playlist.

For the next song on my list is the amazing Janelle Monae with the song ‘Ghetto woman’. This song is not only embodying the funk/disco era with the beat but the lyrics is a reminder that no matter how much people try to dim your light, you are always still shining and to the right people you need to shine for (HEALTHY REMINDER).  This song needs to be on your playlist and if it isn’t you have your musical homework that needs to be completed.

Finally on my list kicking my new year in to gear we have a throwback from the one and only Erykah Badu with ‘Bag Lady’. I can’t express that apart from bad relationships that you may have been through this is the perfect reminder to let whatever has you carrying unnecessary baggage, let it go you do not need it as it is not conducive to your end goal. Let it go sis!

 All the songs listed above can be found on YouTube, Spotify, etc so happy listening and stay motivated during lockdown 3.

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