Year of You

OK, 2021 is here. Whilst I’m not one to jump on the hype of unrealistic new year’s resolutions, I think after last year, we all need something else to focus on. With that said, mummas, let’s make 2021 the Year of You. This year, commit to putting yourself first.

From the moment we find out we are pregnant, to when baby arrives, our lives are no longer our own. Our energy is diverted to this little being and all our needs and wants are set aside. We become so focused on being mum that we can neglect our needs as women.

So, together, let’s set some achievable goals that will make 2021 all about us!

1. To expand my mind and try something new.

The daily chores of; raising a family, looking after the home and our jobs don’t leave us much, if any time for us to do anything else. However, we must find something for ourselves outside of our children. Our first job is to be a mother, but we are women first! Before you say it, I’m not saying to neglect your responsibilities. I’m saying, don’t let those children grow up and go off to live their best lives, and you’re left at home with a house full of regrets.

So, start that course. Write that blog. Launch that business. Apply for that job. Learn a new language. Volunteer for local charity. Whatever if it is, that you want to do, do it. Don’t let procrastination, fear or doubt stop you from being great. Also, no pressure, but those little piercing eyes (stop staring at me) that you love so dearly, are watching everything you do, and don’t do. Expand your mind and start something new, for yourself.

2. To treat my body like a temple.

This means being mindful of what you’re putting inside your body. Make a conscious decision to feed your body goodness, to help enhance your immune system and give you the energy your body requires. This is not about losing weight; this is about, actually, caring about the food you put in your mouth. I’m not judging anyone’s food choices- hey, I’m partial to some fried chicken (partial is an understatement!). However, we mums must get into the habit of eating well. Those quick pick me ups of a biscuit here and there, leftovers from your toddler’s dinner, or going for seconds of your grandma’s Sunday dinner (God, I miss those!) is not going to benefit your body. OK, it may feel good in the moment, but that will disappear, those empty calories will not.

Start eating highly nutritious food i.e. eating your colours. Think about trying different types of vegetables, fruit, lentils, grains, and meats. And for those who don’t eat meat, do not think you’re getting away, don’t let that juicy jackfruit burger and chips fool you. Really think about what you are eating, and why you are eating. Are you hungry or just bored? Remember food is not a pass time.

By the way, I’m not saying that we can’t indulge now and again but we need to be fuelling our ‘temples’ with worthy and substantial meals.

Treating our body as the temple, also means moving too. Again, this is not about losing weight. I know we are always doing something, and all these activities keep us moving, but I’m talking about getting active. I mean, shake what your mama gave ya. Put on your favourite tune and move that waistline. Many of us are now working from home, so the daily commute, walking around the office or popping out on a break are no longer options to get those extra steps in. Take at least 15 mins each day to buss a whine. Tell me that doesn’t feel good? If you can do more, great, just make sure you get that heart rate up.

Sidebar, can we not forget to drink our water, please! Keeping ourselves hydrated will not only give us energy but will do wonders for our skin and hair.

3. To feed my soul and connect with the woman I am.

Take a deep breath and connect with your divine feminine spirit. Look in the mirror and observe yourself. Looking good mama! Take a good look at yourself in all your glory. Validate yourself. Appreciate the vessel that has not only conceived, housed and brought forth life. Give thanks for what your body has achieved and is achieving. The ability to move, walk, work, dance, everything. Learn to fall in love with yourself. Look at yourself through the lens of your child or children because they love you unconditionally. They don’t care about what your boobs, your bum or your legs look like. They love you for you. Some suggested daily affirmations could include “I am fearfully and wonderfully made!”. “I’m a bomb-ass woman and mother to three amazing boys” or “I’m a strong, black woman who commands respect”. However, you choose to identify with yourself is what you should be affirming, EVERY, SINGLE, DAY!

On top of this, take time out of your day to just be still. Silent. Passive. Calm. Allow your body to relax and just be. Bask in this moment dedicated to you.

I know, I know, finding time to be still and complementing yourself regularly may be difficult and alien to some of you (I see you rolling your eyes at me), but this is the Year of You. The year in which you make a conscious effort to love and respect the amazing woman and mother you are. You must commit to taking a few minutes a day to pure into your soul. The way your spirit will instantly lift, it will just make you jump up and hug yourself. And why not? I mean when was the last time you said I love you, to yourself? In fact, have you ever said that to yourself? Girl, make sure before you go to bed tonight, you look in the mirror and say I love you.

Committing to any goal takes time, dedication, and consistency, but we are mums, so we’ve got these skills on lock. So, commit to expanding your mind. Commit to treating your body as temple and commit to feeding your soul. 2021 is the Year of You! Go get it mamma. 

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