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12 Dates of Christmas

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I don’t think many will disagree with me when I say I’m looking forward to saying goodbye to this year! 2020 has been difficult for various reasons but one of the things I’ve really missed is going on fun dates. The year may be drawing to a close (and boy are we glad it is) but there’s still time to throw a yule log on the fire of desire.

Although sadly we can’t enjoy all of the Christmas themed dates we would usually during December, there are still some fun festive things you can do if you’re bubbling with your boo, this Christmas-time (and some you can do via Zoom even if you aren’t).


Although they can be quite cringe there’s nothing that gives me the festive feels more than piling up my cushions, microwaving popcorn and cuddling on the sofa to a Netflix Christmas Flick. Even though at this point I can practically write the scripts myself, it still warms my heart, when the potential lovers come together despite the many obstacles and misunderstandings. I suggest My Christmas Inn if you want a romantic Christmas feel, Jingle Jangle, if you’re looking for an uplifting family film with lovely songs or Operation Christmas Drop if the ultimate cheesy movie is your jam.


If you’re looking to add a bit of sweetness to your love fest, why don’t you try a hot chocolate tasting with an adult twist. Once you’ve stowed the laptops, tucked the kids in (if you have them) and locked up for the night, warm up the milk, scoop in your chocolate mix of choice and a Santa sized glug of your favourite spirit. This year my go to hot chocolate addition is Salted Caramel Baileys, although you can never go wrong with a healthy dose of Appleton or Mount Gay. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous why not try Archers Peppermint Patty.


This year everyone seemed to throw their decorations up super early (and I’m widdit) but if you haven’t dusted off your baubles just yet why not flex your arts and crafts muscles and paint baubles with your S.O. Not only is this a super cute bonding exercise but when you’re done painting baubles you can strip down and paint each other instead. Just make sure you use a water based paint so you can wash it off afterwards.


While you’re in the DIY spirit you can also try making your own Christmas cards. For the super creative couples order yourself some card, pens, glue and glitter and get crazy, but make sure you have your hoover close by. If your artistic skills are more Porky Pig than Picasso then you can opt for a Christmas card couples photo shoot instead, and send personalised Christmas cards to your family and friends.


If you went for option 1 and still have loads of glue and glitter left you could also make your own Christmas Stockings. Or if you’re feeling the spirit of giving (which is kind of the point of Christmas) you can make stockings for each other. The best part is, you then have the fun job of filling them with tokens to demonstrate your affection.


OK there’s a bit of a theme occurring but as we’re being creative anyway, you could also try your hand at baking Christmas shaped biscuits. I don’t know if it’s the heat from the oven making temperatures run high, the potential to re-create that scene from Ghost as you knead dough together, or feeding each other before starting a cutesy food fight, but whatever it is there’s nothing quite as romantic as cooking together, if the many Rom-Coms featuring food scenes are anything to go by.


The weather outside may be frightful but that means you can make inside really delightful with a picnic in your living room. Buy a Christmas themed blanket, turn on your twinkly lights, light some Christmas scented candles, and treat yourself to your favourite Christmas snacks. And when the food us devoured you’ll be conveniently located for some Christmas ‘fun’ on the floor, but try not to knock over any candles.


If you’re like me and love nothing more than to sing, in the shower, in the car and pretty much anywhere you are. Then you’ll want to sing along with Mariah or John Legends recreations of Christmas Classics. Or if you prefer the sound of your own voice YouTube is a wonderland of Christmas Karaoke. You and bae can have a sing off or if you’re not that competitive there are plenty of Christmas duets you can sing along to while sharing loving looks.


One of the few things we’re all allowed to do at the moment is go shopping, so why not make the most of it and offer to help grab those gifts. Not only does it get you both out of the house, but it’s also the perfect time to drop hints about what you want Santa to leave in your stocking.


Usually my favourite thing about the run up to Christmas is the many Christmas Markets that take place all over the Country. As we have to do things a little differently this year you can re-create the feel of the markets, if you have a garden or even a balcony. Why not drape some fairy lights, wrap up warm, play some Christmas tunes and make your favourite German Market dishes. If you don’t feel like cooking, Gluhwein (aka Mulled wine) is very easy to come by and it tastes even more delicious when spiked with Rum, Brandy or Whiskey.


Speaking of Mulled Wine, after you heat it, you could fill up a flask and go for a nice long walk, especially if you’re a couple that likes to stay active. You could take this opportunity to wander around and look at your neighbours Christmas lights while your wine and your lovers hands keep you warm.


Baby it may be cold outside but that doesn’t mean you can’t heat things up inside. Order yourself a sexy Mrs Claus outfit, or if belts and boots aren’t your thing you could always adorn yourself with some red lingerie and complete it with a Santa hat. And have yourself a Ho Ho Ho Christmas!

If you start now you can even try to fit all 12 dates in before the 25th!

By Sharniya – Dating & Relationships writer

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