Motherhood: To all the mothers

To the mother whose little girl used the potty for the first time whilst she was on a conference call.

To the mother who decided not to send her child to school because she was frightened that her child would pass the infection on to her mother.

To the mother that sadly, had to say goodbye to her baby before meeting them in person.

To the mother who gave up her job to be at home to take care of her twins because the nurseries were closed.

To the mother who sat her child in front of YouTube for hours to meet a work deadline.

To the mother who decided to stop working out in the mornings because she couldn’t be bothered.

To the mother who decided she wasn’t ready to be a mother and terminated her child.

To the mother who can no longer fit into her jeans.

To the mother who just wanted to be hugged.

To the mother who had no choice in sending her child to school because she couldn’t take time off from work.

To the mother who worked on the shop floor in constant contact with the general public not knowing if she would be putting her family at risk.

To the mother whose depression was triggered by lockdown.

To the mother who helped those recover from contracting Covid.

To the mother who went for a jog in public for the first time.

To the mother who spent way too much money on ASOS.

To the mother who marched for justice and equality for the next generation.

To the mother whose been working from home with no real workspace.

To the mother who had to self-isolate to protect her babies.

To the mother who just couldn’t take anymore because losing her business became too much to bear.

To the mother who welcomed her first child in lockdown but couldn’t share the joy with loved ones.

To the mother who had endless sleepless nights because she was so anxious about where her next meal was coming from.

To the mother who buried her son because law enforcement didn’t think his life was valuable.

To the mother who decided she wanted to go natural to embrace her natural beauty.

To the mother who finally found her confidence to launch her business.

To the mother who found courage to walk away from a toxic relationship.

To the mother whose been furloughed for over 6 months.

To the mother who had to see her father through a plastic screen because he’s in a nursing home.

To the mother who had to explain to her children why daddy wasn’t coming home again.

To the mother who yelled at her child, because she had a terrible day at work.

To all mothers, this year has been an intense rollercoaster of emotions of fear, joy, anger, disappointment and confusion. However, good or bad you’ve continued to remain strong and resilient. As the year draws to a close, from one mother to another, take heed in that no matter what life throws at us, as mothers and as women, we are fearfully and wonderfully made!

And as the amazing, late Maya Angelou said “Cause I’m a woman, Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, that’s me.”

By Charna – Motherhood Writer

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