Top 5 Christmas movies to watch this December

Time to make this Christmas season extra enjoyable aside from great food and family with some of the most amazing Christmas movies that have been released, some are classics and some are newly released.


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This Wiz’, released in 1978, Starring the iconic Diana Ross. This film is a re-mix of the original ‘Wizard of oz’. A snow storm (adding that Christmas element) taking Dorothy and her pet dog ‘Toto’ taking them to a land named OZ, this is where they begin their journey of trying to get back home by trying to find the Great Wizard and along the way the meeting various characters who also have desires, they wish to be fulfilled. This movie has an amazing melanated ensemble complete with music that makes you want to get funky and ease on down the road with cast on their journey. This movie is one of my all-time favorites because of the music, the dancing and the costumes had me engaged from start to finish.

The Perfect Holiday

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The Perfect Holiday, released in 2007. This movie starring Gabrielle Union who plays a single mother. The youngest daughter is on a Christmas mission to make sure that her mum is happy and in a relationship to complete their family. The Mall Santa (Morris Chestnut) is happy to assist the little girl on her mission. I love this movie for the element of love and family because that’s what is important during the festive period to cherish.

Black Nativity

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Black Nativity, released in 2013. Starring Jennifer Hudson and Angela Bassett. This film is a musical to be watched, tackling issues with estranged grandparents and various members of the family. This film is accompanied with great music and heart felt emotions that will really have you following the journey with great intent as well as renewing your faith at your lowest point. I remember watching this film in the cinema and left the screen in tears I was so moved by this movie. So, I definitely recommend watching this but make sure you have your TISSUES with you.

Last Holiday

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‘Last Holiday’, released in 2006. Starring Queen Latifah.  Georgia Bryd (Queen Latifah) discovers that she only has three weeks to live, with that being the case for her she empties her savings account to make her last holiday, the best holiday by travelling and exploring new experiences as well as finding love with her long-time crush (LL cool J). This movie is not only hilarious but it teaches you little life lessons along the way. I look forward to watching this film again during the festive season with my snacks.

Jingle Jangle

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Jingle Jangle released 2020. This newly released movie/musical. A legendary toy maker invents a toy which is stolen by his apprentice and it is up to the toy maker’s granddaughter to retrieve the stolen invention and help use it for the greater good of bringing people together. I am excited to watch this movie as I absolutely love musicals and not to mention the cast line up as some of my favorite actors which will have me, thoroughly entertained and dancing.

All of this festive magic and movies will surely have your heart warmed with love and family togetherness so have a watch and be sure to watch these movies and relax!


By Kimberley – Entertainment Writer

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