It always seems like there is never enough time in the day or even the week. It’s a constant juggle of feeding, emails, nappy changing, video calls, school appointments, housework and don’t get me started on trying to keep up with all the whatsapp group messages- that’s a full job in itself. It’s like a constant mad rush of endless tasks and never-ending to-do-lists. It’s exhausting! But, there is hope…

Every week will look different to us all, so whether you’re a stay at home mum, working mum, or if you’re not a mum at all, try following the 5 p’s to help you get through your week.


So, I’m a planner. I try to plan as much as I can in advance.  It might be the fact that I may be a bit of a control freak (just a little bit) or that it stops me having to make endless decisions on a daily basis- decision fatigue is real! I mean I plan everything; what baby girl is going to wear for the week, meals for the week, work schedule, when I’m going to work out (which tends to get overlooked occasionally). Sometimes I even schedule in time to reply to messages, albeit a couple of days late (I be forgetting to reply sometimes, I did tell you decision fatigue is real) but yes, I plan everything.

I know planning is a kill joy, but how will you know what you need to do and when you need to do it? How will you know which child needs to be dropped off where, and at what time?  How do you know who is picking up the baby from nursery on Tuesday? How will you know what meeting you’re in at 9am tomorrow? Hell, how do you know what’s for dinner tonight? I appreciate spontaneity, but right now we ain’t got time for that.

However, you can include free time into your schedule. Dedicated time to do whatever you want. Get you a little spontaneity fix, you can thank me later.  This can be anything, catch up on some TV (Girlfriends is now on Netflix, yes!), speak to a friend, do your house cleaning (some people find that very therapeutic), you can even get you a little suttin’ suttin’ with your partner (please keep it PG when the kids are around, you don’t need them chatting your business when they go to school!). Whatever it is, make sure you plan your schedule.

Planning gives you flexibility, so when the unexpected happens you can adapt accordingly without panicking and getting flustered.

Don’t sleep on planning.


By failing to prepare, you prepare to fail. A saying I’m not overly keen on but hey, if the shoe fits. As well as planning, preparing as much as you can in advance not only frees up time, but also frees up head space. Meal prepping is all over the socials and whilst at first, I was like, ‘I like to cook fresh food every day’, I was humbled when I first started meal prepping. If you only knew the amount of time, I wasted just thinking about what I was going to cook, let alone actually doing the cooking. 

The same way you would prepare for a meeting or a night out with the girls (whatever those look like), is the same way you need to prepare for your week ahead. The simplest things like preparing the kids clothes, meals, activities, work deadlines all add up and can make a huge impact on your time.

Preparation is key ladies.


Simple, practice makes perfect. OK, so we’re not trying to be perfect- we don’t have the energy for that. However, the more you do something the quicker it becomes a habit and helps you feel less stressed and overwhelmed.



Listen, if you take nothing at all from this post, make sure you take this. Protect. Your. Time. This is mostly directed at time for yourself. So however, you want to label it, ‘me time’, ‘selfcare’, ‘mummy time’. Guard that shit with your life. These babies, and partners and work people be encroaching on our time and killin’ our vibe. No! This is my time, end of! Afterall, if you don’t respect your time, no one else well. Ladies, our time is sacred. Without time for ourselves, we can lose ourselves running around taking care of everyone else. Give yourself the time to heal, rest, relax and just be.

You don’t think that even the Queen herself, doesn’t protect her time?  With her philandering big son, the other questionable one with his dodgy friends, and her grandson running off to the States, you don’t think there are times where she will say to Philip ‘Listen, you need to take care of these damn kids. I need a break!’ She be kicking off her shoes so fast, he doesn’t have a chance to say no. Now, like her or not, she is still a mother and the pressure of motherhood comes down on us all, so take it from a queen, protect your time.


Pray for me, please! Although I am saying all of this, I haven’t quite finessed this for myself- I’m a work in progress. But seriously, whether you’re a believer or not, having a relationship with God or a higher power gives you strength for those days when things just don’t go to plan. Those days you forget an appointment, days you order takeaway because you’re too tired to cook, days you forget to pack the PE kit, or days you shout at your little one because they have asked you for the millionth time that they want ice-cream at 7.30am (the answer is still no!). These moments will come thick and fast, but a little prayer and deep breathes will set you back on track.

By Charna – Motherhood Writer

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