What’s new in music?

Stefflon Don

British singer Stefflon Don released a new track titled ‘Can’t let you go’. This song has a fusion of both afro beats and Caribbean lyrics. The video has all black dancers and their dancing makes me want to get up and learn the routine myself. The song is definitely a vibe to add to your playlist because its mellow but you can still ‘whine’ up your waist and ‘zanku’ your days away.

image from google – public domain

Cookie Hawaii

American Artist Cookiee Hawaii’s hit song ‘Vibe (if I back it up)’ is still trending as a popular sound to use on social media platforms such as ‘tik tok’. I love this song more for the jersey club element as well as it giving me some serious energy. The video incorporates popular dance moves from the jersey club dance scene as well as twerking. This is the kind of song; I would use for my workout routines because you would be so focused on the song you won’t feel the burn. So, if you haven’t listened to this song yet do check it out on YouTube and be prepared to twerk.

Image from google – public domain


Artist Monica current new song titled ‘Trenches’ ft Lil Baby has officially got a video to match this amazing song. The video is very simplistic but still affective. If you weren’t present in her versuz battle with Brandy which is where she first premiered this song, then head on over to YouTube to have a listen to it. This is a laidback track from Monica which I have on repeat every day without fail. It is a reminder for you to leave negative people behind and work on being a better you.

Image from google – public domain

By Kimberley – Entertainment writer

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