The Ultimate Lockdown Sleepover

October is a very special month for me as it is my birthday month- shout out to all my fellow Libra’s! Usually for my birthday I have a cake and small celebration with my family, which is usually organised by my dad. I also plan an activity with friends such as going out to the club, birthday dinner or even a holiday. This year was most certainly going to be different due to all the restrictions but I knew I wanted to celebrate this milestone. I watched Aliyah-Maria’s birthday vlog and I was inspired to throw my very own lockdown girly sleepover.

I will talk you through the planning process and share some pictures from my special night.

1. Date, Time & Location

Luckily for me I live alone therefore deciding where to have my sleepover was pretty simple, at my home. However, if you don’t you may need to ask permission from those you live with or choose to have it elsewhere. Airbnb is a great way of having a birthday sleepover (with the owners permission of course). The date and time were pretty easy for me to decide, I always celebrate my birthday on or after the day therefore the weekend after was the decided date.

2. Guest List

Due to the current restrictions I knew that my guest list had to be small. I sent an invitation text to about 8 close friends.

3. Outfits

I found some really cute pyjamas on so in pictures we could all be matching. Other websites such Pretty Little Things also do nice ones. I decided to the the silky mink coloured ones as they looked more luxurious than the regular pink silk night clothes.


This is the part where I had to decide what I wanted us to do and the timings of different activities. I set the start time for 6.00pm but knowing my friends they wouldn’t arrive until 7.00pm. I thought of a few games that I like to play Drinkopoly, Ring of Fire, Drink, Stoned or Stupid and Twista. Amazon have an excellent range of drinking games this is where I purchased Drinkopoly. I pretty much went with the flow but made sure we had eaten by 10.00pm.

5. Décor

I wanted this to be the ultimate pink sleepover therefore I ordered rose gold party décor kit from Amazon which included balloons, a backdrop, confetti, a table cloth and happy birthday sign. In addition, I got matching plates, napkins and cups and balloon weights and helium from Argos. I decorated the morning of the sleepover.

6. Food & Drinks

I wanted this to be as easy as it could possibly be for me to do, for dinner I collected some pizzas from Domino’s. As for the snacks, I arranged for an Asda delivery to arrive a couple days before and ordered some nibbles, soft, fizzy and alcoholic drinks. I had also asked my friends to bring a drink each and split the Domino’s order. I won some beautiful cupcakes from “The Cake Autograph” and purchase a rainbow cake from M&S.

Overall the sleepover was a hit, I would recommend it as an alternative especially with the forever changing environment. Let me know if you decide to have one and how it goes.

By Tisha – Home & Lifestyle Writer

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