A guide to body shaped homeware

I first discovered body shaped homeware and furniture when I came across Anissa Kermiche’s ‘Love Handles’ case on Patricia Bright’s office tour video on YouTube.  Anissa Kermiche is a successful jewellery maker who broadened her interest and started designing homeware objects. This led to the successful and notorious ‘Love Handles’ vase. The vase is a statement object that empowers femininity and allows us to look at the female body form as art. The Love Handle’s vase is a piece of art and the starting price is £340.00. I would love to get my hands on the vase, however right now I cannot afford it. I still believe that you can incorporate body art into your home décor therefore; I will show you more affordable ways of doing so.

Drop Dead Candles


DropDeadCandles on Etsy has a range of candles designed to the shape of the female figure, which is available in 9 different colours, this includes skin tone shades. Its costs £23.05 for a candle and costs £10.73 to be delivered.


Desenio is an online shop with a large selection of prints and posters, they constantly have discount codes online and influencers tend to give out codes as well. I have a whole wall which is filled with Desenio prints at home, they are good quality.

Maijken Hendricks

There are a number of dupes of the ‘Love Handles’, vase or vase’s which have a similar impact. If you search on Etsy ‘bum vase’, a number of dupes will be available by other designers. MaijkenHendricks is a UK store specialising in male and female figures. If you search on Etsy ‘bum vase’, a number of dupes will be available by other designers.

Which one of these items do you see yourself purchasing for your home? Let me know in the comments below!

By Tisha – Home & Lifestyle Writer

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