Simple steps to phenomenal health!

Now, we’ve all heard the infamous quote ‘You need to love yourself, before you love somebody else’ because that determines your level of self-worth, self-knowledge and tolerance with dealing with someone else bullsh*t. Well, it’s the same for your health, learning how to sustain ‘good’ health, can dictate how your body will thank you. Achieving ‘good’ health is a trial tug- of- war, (and I say ‘good’ with a skeptical tone, as no one really knows what someone with good health looks like), you may be a vegan, eat all the fruits and vegs, but will smoke 10 cigarettes a day. Or you may workout 2-5 times a week but fail to consume foods with nutritious value, no balance.

Truth is, our genetic makeup is unique to each person, so what may work for them, may not work for you, as long as you bear in mind what you put in your mouth, how much you move and how to de-stress, I think you’ll be fine.

But I have a few ways to turn your ‘good’ health into phenomenal by following these simple actions!


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So, we all should know of the basis of what water does for your health. Hydration is essential for your survival but there’s more benefits that comes with water. H2O lubricates your joints while delivering oxygen throughout your body which consists of 60% water.  Water gets rid of toxins and waste and ensure that your digestive system works.   Having 8 glasses / 2 liters a day will enhance the elasticity of the skin to make that melanin pop, as well as boosting your hair with the nutrients it needs.

Drinking water also keeps the vagina happy ladies. It can eliminate infections, fatigue and dryness -I called this a ‘depressed cat syndrome’.  When dehydrated, your body goes into shock mode and organs, cells and tissues lose its ability to function as they normally do.  In this case, the vagina will be prone to the inability of getting wet when it comes time to get wild with yourself, partner or someone for the moment.  

Water is important for your mental, vaginal and physical health.


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It’s so important to move your body frequently to increase your heart rate while dripping sweat. Now, I’m not suggesting to sign up for a gym membership or take a couple of online workout classes. I’m simply highlighting the activity that we do naturally. Walking. YES, walking. Walking is the most underrated and cheapest fitness activity to do that exists. When you walk, you decrease the possibilities of body illnesses like blood pressure and heart disease. Actively moving can slow down losing muscle mass as you age and can help you to lose weight at the same time.It’s an activity that uses 200 muscles, both tones and strengthen your body and increases life expectancy, on average up to 15 years.

Since walking is such a simple task, we tend to just go and not think about our posture and why we walk the way we do. I’ve been reading this AMAZING eBook called ‘The Way to Walk’ that explains why it is so important to be mindful when walking and offers tips and exercises that guides you to walk in confidence. You can sign up to their mailing list to receive a FREE preview ‘The Way to Walk.’


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Life stresses can alter how you view yourself and others.  It can inflict the feeling of guilt, blame and depression. How you think dictates how your body responds:  When we feel depressed, you tend to develop gut issues, like indigestions, bloating and nausea.

Societal pressures can affect also how we think about ourselves, thus building a mountain of mental health stress, that creates a bigger problem for our health.

My ways to destress helps me to ‘woosah’ and become clear-headed by reading, and self-pampering.

I encourage that you take some time out for yourself to love yourself, talk kindly to yourself and to take one day a time.  Most importantly, award yourselves for small accomplishments and focus on you and your wellbeing. As you are the most important thing in your world and if your minds’ not in a good place then the body won’t be either.

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By Rene – Health & Wellness writer.

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