What’s wrong with Sitting?

Did you know sitting for 10 hours or more daily can lead to an early death?

When I read this fact, I was left stuttering, wide eyed and unable to compute this information as I’ve been sitting for approximating 10 hours without realising.

Now, on an average day (pre-lockdown), most people share the routine of travelling to work, possibly seated, get to work and sit for 8-9 hours, then commute home seated. Those little walks to and from your work premises break up the inactivity of you sitting. HOWEVER, (post-lockdown) we have gotten too comfortable with working from home, which entails being seated, chilling for 10+ hours while sitting or not even getting out of the bed. I am guilty of all the above “non-activities”.

As I SIT in tug-of-war in a mental argument of wanting to do more, especially on my days off, but when the comforting sounds of my bed calls me, who am I to deny such sweet request of lounging. I’m currently in a battle between health and pleasure, and which one is more important.

Did you know sitting for long periods can weaken and deteriorate leg and glute muscles?  

KMT. You’re telling me all the squats, hip thrusts and other booty exercises were done for nothing. I’m sitting shaking my head, at my efforts of achieving a fat ass, to discover after my workout session, I get in the shower and straight into bed. Exercise makes me tired! Can’t come kill myself for bigger glutes.

Did you know sitting or lying down for a long time increases your risk of heart disease, diabetes and other cancers?

This really got me thinking, Lord why? I love my relaxing time, chilling and not doing a thing when I don’t have to, why can I have this without serious health complications in the future. Diabetes run within my family and being a black woman, we are predisposed to have life-threatening health issues, not only by the foods we eat, but also our inactivity of being active.

Getting these chronic health problems are caused by risk factors known as metabolic syndrome, which includes high level of fat in the blood (called triglycerides) and low good cholesterol (HDL) levels, high blood pressure and high blood sugar. Ladies, we also have to be mindful of having a waist circumference above 35 inches and being overly stressed. We as a community, tend to be malnourished, overweight and inactive.

Did you know sitting too much can be bad for your mental health?

Another fact to leave me speechless. I’m not sure if I was aware of the correlation between the two but thinking back, when I had my dark days I used to sit and wallow in depression while sitting and lying and replaying on repeat all low vibrational thoughts in my mind. I sure if I got up for a walk or even stretched, I would have had a spark of energy that would have eluded my thoughts for moment. Yet, being in that state of mind, you tend to get sucked in the vicious cycle of negativity and end up sleeping as it can also bring you solace for a bit, but the activity of being inactive leaves you feeling more bleak and drained.

So, I ask what is wrong with sitting? Well, quite a lot, if you sit for a long time. Your mental, physical and health is compromised when you chill for 10 hours or more. Now, I’m not saying you can’t have a little downtime but encourage yourself to walking for 10 min every hour, or do light stretching while seated to get your muscles flexible and active and if you’re still working from home, stand up from your table/desk and shake out the tension, stiffness and stress and then continue to work standing for 20 minutes.

I’ve found a few helpful tips from R3 Physiotherapy’s Instagram highlights #StayhomeTips (R3 Physiotherapy is a black owned physiotherapy company)

 Check it out here!

So, I cannot advocate doing an hour of exercise for 4-6 days a week, cause I’m lazy and that’s not me, but I’m going to try my hardest to do at least 1-2 days for 30 mins to begin with until my body gets used to being semi-active.

Now remember, going forward health is wealth ladies!

Source: Self.com/ Youbeauty.com/ Betterhealth.gov

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