2020 Life Adaptations

2020 was the year that I thought I would get my sh*t on lock. In 2019, I imagined that I would action positive changes, it was going to be the most transformative time of my life. I would have a new job that offered training, which would allow me to earn tons of money. My flat would be complete, everything on my to-do list would be done. I would reach my fitness and body goals after neglecting myself for a year. A new decade, a new me. The first year of this new chapter was going to be great. 

Little did I know that 2020 was going to be the year that rocked everyone’s world.  At the end of February 2020 I went on my last outing with my family and by the end of March everything had turned upside down. My yearly planner was no longer being used and I found myself working a couple days at work and the rest at home. 

I could go on about the pitfalls of 2020 however, I feel like it allowed me time to think about what I want out of life. This was the first time in my 26 years on this planet that I could really have time to reflect. I was used to being in such a routine I didn’t know what it was like to do the bare minimum and have time out. The quietness of lockdown allowed me to look beyond the boundaries of COVID-19 and think of ways I could still make things happen.

1. Plan…but not too much! 

Prior to 2020, I was a person who liked to meticulously plan what I was going to do outside of work each week. This worked really well when we weren’t in a pandemic, however it doesn’t work as well now. I now plan a day or two in advance, I use a daily planner that I have found on Amazon. It allows you to schedule your day, have an important to-do list and a generalised one. I have found that it keeps me on track and lets me structure my days during times when I may not normally be as productive. 

2. Now is the time to do YOU! 

I had always looked up to content creators in awe, how were they able to put themselves out there so fearlessly. I started my first blog in 2018, it was about beauty and makeup, I quiet quickly shut it down due to putting someone else’s insecurities about it before my own goals – I know stupid right. I think partially with age, but more importantly not wanting to regret not fulfilling my dreams, I knew that once the lockdown was over I had to do put myself out there. I was approached to do work on a podcast alongside four other ladies, which I do now, called Hey Sis. When Krissy put out the advert for this blog I couldn’t not wait to apply. I finally have the confidence to do what I want and the only feedback I have has been positive or constructive criticism. My point is there is never a correct time to do anything, now is the time. You can delay it by one year, two years, or three…….before you know it the time has passed and you haven’t done what you wanted. Put yourself first and set time aside for your own goals and dream.

3. Be Kind!

2020 allowed me to gain a new sense of gratitude. I was watching the news during the lockdown and looking at the statistics for COVID-19, 500+ people were dying on the news a day, it got to the point where I had to stop watching the news. It had got to me. I had my cousin staying with me and apart from her the only contact I would have was with people at work and even then I was working in an office by myself.  I missed my family and my friends, zoom was nice but it wasn’t enough. I have come out of this appreciating my family and friends more than ever. If someone crosses my mind, I don’t ignore it I reach out. I make more of an effort to call, text and see people. I think that this is something we should all adopt, I often seen the message of ‘be kind’, on social media and I think we should start with those dearest to us.

We should also use this message for ourselves, sometimes the smallest tasks can seem like the biggest hurdles they aren’t always achieved, and that’s ok. One thing I have learnt is to do one nice thing for myself everyday. It could be something as small as making my favorite meal to going to get my nails done, this gives me something to look forward to.

As we are heading into what seems to be another lockdown try to use this time to be as fearless, productive and kind to others and yourself as you can be. Everything may not go the way you want but at least you can say you made things happen even if it is something small and just for yourself.

By Tisha – Home & Lifestyle writer. Read more about her here.

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