5 reasons why you should try press-on nails

Who doesn’t love a good acrylic or gel nail? A good manicure will make you feel more confident and ready to show people you’re not playing around, or is that just me? Some long nails with a nice colour will make you feel amazing. But we all know acrylic nails can be damaging to your actual nails and don’t get me started on the pain when one breaks off. Oh, and if one does break, having to go back to the salon can be time-consuming – especially, if you were there just a week ago. Also, how do I break one nail and have to spend £20 for a repair?

Acrylic nails can be stunning, but for some people having to commit to nails you can’t just cut off anytime you want to might be an issue. If you’d like to rock a good set of long nails but aren’t too keen to (re)commit to nail salon visits every 2-3 weeks, try some press on nails. Now I know what you’re thinking: “Don’t press on nails only come in one square size with a French manicure?” Actually, no. Nowadays, you can find all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. Whether you like an extra-long stiletto or a cute short almond, you’re bound to find some press on nails you’ll like. Not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why you should try some.

1. Save your coin

During my uni days, I got a manicure every three weeks, with no exception. My nails needed to be spot on. I tried several nail salons because I wanted my nails to be just right, and I’d spent a good £40 at every appointment. That’s like money for groceries (I’m starting to feel old). Anyways, press on nails can be that expensive, but there are definitely more affordable options available.

2. Simplicity is key

I can’t do my own nails! I haven’t painted my nails in years. Because if I do, it’ll look like a 5-year-old just showed off their skills on my hands, and it would probably still look better than my own little artwork. Press on nails are super easy to apply, and because they’re already painted in whatever colour you want, you don’t have to mess around and get nail polish all over you. But that could just be me.

3. Scared of commitment

Hard time choosing what shape, colour or length you want? We’ve all been there, you’re at your nail appointment, and you just know you should’ve thought about this before coming in, but you didn’t. Because press on nails are less of a commitment, you can experiment more. So, stop overthinking which nail design to choose and step outside the box. If you love a cute short square nail, try an extra-long coffin nail. Who knows, maybe you’ll like it and if you don’t, no problem. Just remove the nails using the instructions of the manufacturer.

4. Combine with your outfit

You want to wear your cute red outfit on a night out (lockdown approved), but your freshly manicured nails are turquoise. Now what? As press on nails are less of a commitment, you can easily plan your outfits and find a cute press on nail to match. Your nails can now actually be an accessory just like your handbag.

5. Suffering from damaged nails

If you do, you should give your nails a break and let them heal first. But if you still want your nails to look freshly done without the excessive damage, definitely try some press on nails. Make sure you do follow the manufacturer’s instructions as you’re still covering up your nails. Nonetheless, press on nails are a lot less intrusive than acrylic nails.

Whether you want to continue getting acrylic nails, press-on nails are a friendlier alternative to try out. Whatever you prefer, it’s always good to give your nails a rest from both acrylic and press on nails. Your nails will thank you.

PS: if you want to try some press-on nails, why not give Lima Nails a try. They have 7 shapes you can choose from with the cutest colours. Plus, they’re black-owned! Yes, I’m starting Black History month early this year.

By Tamara – Fashion & Beauty writer. Read more about her here.

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