Top home decor picks for the month

Since I have moved into my own home, I have been obsessed with finding high quality affordable designer furniture pieces.  It can often cost thousands of pounds to buy luxury furniture pieces but I believe that you can have a luxury feel on a smaller budget. I tend to spend the most money on larger pieces of furniture such as my bed and sofa as they will be used every day but for smaller items, you can really find some steals if you have a look around. 

My flat has a Scandinavian design with a colour scheme that includes copper, grey, pink and cream with hints of green through plants and prints. Art galleries, Pin-interest, Instagram, visiting furniture stores have often been a source of inspiration. I will be sharing with you today my top five websites for furniture pieces and my picks of the month some of which I have in my flat already and will share with you on a future post.






Leave a comment below and tell me which pieces are your top picks for the month!

This post was written by Tisha. She is our Home & Lifestyle writer. Read more about her on the team about me.

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