How well do you know her?

To kick off Gynaecological Cancer Awareness month, we need to address the topic at hand, how well do you know Her? Now, you may be asking yourself ‘who is that?’, ‘Her, as in me?’ Or ‘is it the voice within?’  Without acknowledging there are two important internal voices to listen to: the heart and the womb.

Yes, the womb. Yoni, the sacred centre. An area of a woman’s body that experiences menstruation, the important passage of childbirth, the joys of feminine energy and intense orgasms.

Beautiful illustration with watercolor part of woman body uterus with flowers

This may be unusual to hear, but in the ancient world, women had a strong sense of self, the heart and womb aligned to their life’s purpose and were excellent self-healers. However, as times past, we became disconnected and disengaged to ourselves and our bodies. As women, we tend to hold stress, guilt and blame in our wombs that eventually snowballs into pent-up blocked energy that pushes you further from hearing the voice of what She needs and how she may want you to heal.

She, your womb, tells you how she feels in Her language.

When she is happy, pleasure follows but when she shouts and screams, blood clots form. When connection is very distant and no healing has taken place, unfortunate miscarriages and STIs takes place. All ranges of emotions and actions appears depending on the connection you have with Her.

Your womb sees and hears everything, all life events. She knows who you let in.  She feels the deep-rooted pain you have buried. She sees the trauma you have experienced but worships your joys. The womb is all truth. The womb is a voice of full wisdom that allows you to ask questions of why certain patterns keep happening, or why you may feel incomplete. She knows All. But the connection to the womb should be to strong in order to hear Her voice.

Here are ways to gain a deep connection with Her to encourage reflection and self-awareness.

1.Womb Cleanse

Yoni teas and yoni steams is a way to start cleansing the womb. Eliminating dairy, meat and sugar will unmute Her voice and balance Her energy.  Cleanse frequently for easier and clearer communication

I strongly do not recommend the use of yoni detox balls that is floating around on the internet, they are too strong for the yoni and there are too many imitations on the market.

2. Womb Meditation

Sit/lie in a quiet place, preferably without distraction for 40 mins. Take three deep breaths before ascending into meditation. Place hands on your womb, which is 2 inches below the belly button, and have a question in mind you would like your womb to answer. Stay in this place for 20-30 mins. Don’t get discouraged if you do not hear Her voice or Her answer when you begin to do this. She needs to feel assured and safe to speak. It takes time and patience. The more you do it, the clearer you will hear Her and the better connection you will gain.

3. Womb Journals

Buy a journal that is only for this practice. Journaling is a great way to reflect and let go of past/ current issues. Womb journals helps to reconnect yourself to the mind, body and spirit, as well as deepening the connection with the womb. Writing supports the function of cleansing, purifying, and reviving the womb. Before and after meditation, use your journal as a guide in the understanding of who you are and what is your purpose.

To better serve who we are as great women, we need to understand the power of the womb. Listen to Her voice and hearing all Her cries can shed all buried emotions that holds us back from our greatest potential. She, the womb, listens to everything and is waiting for you to notice that she’s there. 

If you want to understand who you are, it is important to understand who she is, and self- acceptance and self-healing will shortly follow.  I can confirm this through my own journey of getting a deeper connection with my womb.

So, the question still stands, how well do you know Her?

Source: Queen Afua ‘Sacred Woman- A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind and Spirit.’

By Rene – Health & Wellness Writer. Read more about her here.

One thought on “How well do you know her?

  1. Excellent and interesting post, Rene. Your post has made take action to understand Her, thank you! Question – where does the word Yoni come from? Its such a pleasant word one to use instead of some of the other words used to call her!

    I also wondered, I’ve been told by several physicians that I shouldn’t wash inside my Yoni as it removes its natural properties – in your studies of the Yoni would you say this is true? What is the best way to cleanse it?



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