Guest Post: My Sweet Home Life

My name is Tracy and I am the founder of @mysweethomelife_ a blog platform that I document my journey of being a young woman living in her parents’ house turning my room into my sanctuary, whilst preparing myself for my own first home.

I started this journey in April, so I am still quite fairly new however if feels as though I have been blogging about this particular niche for such a long time! I blog on renovating your room, lifestyle and self-care tips. I believe each of these 3 niches need each other in order to make your home and yourself in the best it can be.

I inspire to influence young women, especially black single class young women you can create a life you love, I am a black woman who often goes through daily struggles of feeling limited to progress due to the colour of my skin. I want to be another example of being a black woman who can live a luxurious, peaceful and happy life with the mind-set that we deserve to live well and anything you put your mind to you can achieve it.

Most importantly, I want my journey to inspire, challenge and encourage all females from different race and the ages of 18-30 to never stop creating the life you want for yourself. Do not wait for life to happen to you, build now and enjoy the fruits of your labour in the process of becoming.

I want to be able to look back on my journey and see how much I progressed, mysweethomlife is more than just a blog page with pretty aesthetic, inspirational quotes and images of my room renovation. It is a lifestyle.

Tracy – The woman behind @mysweethomelife_ on instagram

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