Level up: How do I get there?

If you’re reading this post then I know you’re interested in leveling up your life, or at least interested to see what I got to say! Many of you reading this would be familiar with the term ‘level up’ but for those who aren’t, it’s also another way of saying ‘re-invent yourself’ or ‘upgrade your life’. Whilst many others have been on this journey, some celebrities have been known to be popular (aside from their actual career) for ‘leveling up’ for example, Cassie, Ciara, Sheneka Adams and more. Below I have listed 4 areas where you can start your level up journey!


In order for you to level up, you need to be willing to say goodbye to the past. You are starting a new chapter and you don’t want to bare the dead weight of the past on your shoulders. However, letting go of your past doesn’t necessarily mean remove all things from your past, it just means letting go of things that can prevent you from really leveling up. For example: old friends, bad relationships , negative thoughts that lead to bad habits.


Working on your mindset is important because it determines how you view things mentally. Whether it’s reading, learning something new about yourself & the surrounding areas around you, make the effort to improve your mindset than what you already know.


Level up on your goals! Create goals which are more centered around your level up. Making centered goals will help you stick to the journey and in turn motivate you to do so. These specific goals help give you direction and make your journey to leveling up.


Caring for yourself is the simplest form of putting yourself first. The whole point of self-care is to provide yourself with the care you would usually give others. So that means, finding ways to pour back into your cup. Some would do this through pampering themselves, spoiling themselves with goodies and just overall taking time for themselves.

When it comes to leveling up, the self-care you give yourself usually sets the tone for the standard in which others would care for you. So care for yourself as much as you can.

So those are 4 areas where you can start your level up journey! Although there are many areas where you could start, I took more of the mental approach to starting the journey.

If you disagree or agree and have more areas in which you can start your level up in, let me know in the comments below!

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