Millennial Monday: Goal Setting

MIllennial Monday is all about tips and tricks on how you can set yourself up for a productive week. Here at Millennial Femme, we are all about our personal development and finding ways to being the best version of yourself. This week the focus is on goal setting.

Goal setting can be one of the most motivating tasks you can do but it can also get tedious. Many of us have things in life that we want to achieve, however the thought of having to plan the steps to get there can be confusing.

Why Goal Setting?

Goal setting can help provide a clear path for you to get to your intended future destination. It is also a tool to help motivate and push you to get there. Many successful people credit their success to goal setting and being intentional in that practice.

Purpose & benefits of goal setting

  • Goal setting helps give you a clear direction for your the life you intend to live
  • It helps you have a positive outlook on life and your plans
  • It can improve your mood
  • Brings structure to your life

Different types of goal setting

You can set goals in variious ways:

  • Weekly Goal setting: Setting goals weekly can helps you break down your monthly/yearly goals and makes it easier to focus on specific areas of one main goal
  • Yearly Goal Setting: This is for your bigger goals, bigger milestones that are usually due to major life altering events. This could be 1 year plan, 5 years etc
  • Monthly Goal Setting: Monthly goal setting is generally the yearly goals in smaller chunks. Some people do generally just have monthly goals as it helps
  • Daily Goal Setting: This is more for your daily tasks. Weekly tasks that are broken down into daily tasks

Now that you’ve understood what goal setting is and how you can goal set, challange yourself to making some small goals for yourself.

Start from a daily and work your way up or work your way down from Yearly goals.

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