5 ways to stay positive and occupied during COVID lock-down

So we’ve been in lockdown for about 2 months now and everyone has now reached a point of exhaustion of staying at home. Many of us have ran out of ideas on how to occupy our time and take our minds off this nightmare around us.

I have come up with 5 ways you can stay positive and occupied during the crisis.

Please note these are just suggestions and you are not permitted to do any activities mentioned below


Starting something new during this time can be a way to take your mind off of the chaos around us. Pick up a new hobby, start a new online course, learn a new skill or start that new business venture you’ve always wanted to. I personally started this brand called ‘Millennial Femme’ as I had extra time to get my creative juices going as well as learned to cook new meals. Come out of quarantine feeling improved and have new things to look forward to.


Mediation has proven benefits to staying calm and to improve quality of mental health . Meditation also helps with clearing your mind and encourage positive thinking. This is a great activity to do as it can calm your mind in the storm and can help you reconnect with yourself.

I speak briefly about mediation in my ‘Where Have I Been’ blog post, as I have been meditating more frequently during lock down as I feel like its really needed during this time.


I know being in quarantine can be very lonely at times, especially if you live alone. However it doesn’t need to be that way all the time. Utilise social media to socalise with friends and your outer community. Many people are working from home so you are bound the connect with more people online as opposed to going out with friends. get creative and socialise in different ways with your friends online for example: Have themed Zoom/Group Face time parties, Games night and all!


Stay away from the news! Many of you may not agree with me but as much as the news keeps you informed, it also has serious bad vibes! have you noticed majority of the news outlets mainly report negative news or spin news negatively. The news is filled with a lot of fear mongering and ingesting this daily can have a massive effect on your mental health. Maybe limit to maybe once a day and try to occupy your mind with other things.

I personally no longer watch the news and I have seen the great affect its had on my life. I am no longer as anxious as I was in the beginning of the pandemic.


Yes we are in quarantine but we are allowed to step in the garden, go for a short walk and sit outside our doorstep (being that we keep our distance from others)! We also now allowed to go to the Park. Fresh air is known to improve blood pressure and heart rate, strengthening the immune system and cleans your lungs. Take time out of your day to get fresh air and get away from the confinement of your home. Get back in touch with nature.

I hope you came away from this with more activities to do during the remainder of the lockdown period. Please remember to stay safe and stay alert.

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